Olsen Field

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Field Name Olsen Field

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Generated SHA Flag (experiment here)
Occupation 27 %
Maximum loudness allowed 7
Named after Gregory Olsen

Registered Villages

Page Name Description Website
Village:133713pwnies 133713pwnies CTF team https://ctftime.org/team/26678/
Village:BEECreative BEECreative Creative stuff with youngsters http://www.makerspace.lu
Village:BlinkenArea BlinkenArea Blinking stuff and some electronics kits for sale. http://www.blinkenarea.org/
Village:ESPR Eat Sleep Pwn Repeat Village of the ESPR CTF team
Village:Evillage Evillage We speak French and English. Mainly oriented about security research, 0days, and fun :)
Village:Future Shells of Skullerud Future Shells of Skullerud Anti-nationalists still self-identifying as northerners! Ⓐ

Everyone welcome!

Village:GadgetFriday GadgetFriday GadgetFriday! Home of the beer drinking Nerd since 1995. We love soldering, beer, soldering, more beer, hacking, playing boardgames, arduino's, FPGA's, Gameduino's, retro gaming, embedded gaming, retro coding, FPV drones, 3D-printing, 3D-milling, MSX, C64, NGC, BigClive.com, Bob Ross and much much more!

Our jr girl-nerds love youtube vlogs, whatsapp, Lego Friends, Cisco Swag, Fanta and anything pink, cute and with big gloomy eyes. Our Sr. boy-nerd is a biology specialist, and can identify any breed of locust and is addicted to snickers.

Village:Labitat Labitat Copenhagen hackerspace https://labitat.dk/
Village:Norwegian Embassy Norwegian Embassy
Village:OWASP Open Web Application Security Project OWASP Chapters of the Netherlands and Germany welcomes everyone interested in App Sec. http://www.owasp.org
Village:Sauna Finland PRKL Sauna Finland PRKL Finnish embassy @ SHA http://hacklab.fi/, http://tarlab.fi/ http://hacklab.fi/ http://tarlab.fi/
Village:Swedish Embassy Swedish Embassy We are back to build a midsummer/penis pole, bring surströmming, aquavit, and be drunk and/or high as usual. https://github.com/hackverket/swedishembassy
Village:deFEEST deFEEST Het is geen feest als deFEEST niet is geweest! https://www.defeest.nl
Village:hitr2ndb HITR2NDB We are Hack In The Random 2600 NL Data Box, a mix of HITB, Randomdata and 2600NL We hack together, HAR was our first activity as one big village. Which grew out to be Hack in The Box Amsterdam and wicked memories.

YEAH! http://www.hitr2ndb.nl

Village:muCCC muCCC Village of the Munich Chaos Computer Club http://muc.ccc.de/|-