Wozniak Field

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Field Name Wozniak Field

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Generated SHA Flag (experiment here)
Occupation 20 %
Maximum loudness allowed 11
Named after Steve Wozniak

Registered Villages

Page Name Description Website
Village:Attraktor Attraktor e.V. The Attraktor Makerspace in Hamburg https://attraktor.org/
Village:Milliways Milliways The restaurant at the end of the Universe
Village:PancakeVillage PancakeVillage Bunch of CYSO nerds. We love hacking, games, Arduino's, VR, drones, 3D-printing and beer. And more beer. Did we mention beer enough times?
Village:Pizza Pizza People making DIY Pizza for EFF charity and hungry hackers. https://twitter.com/pizzahackery
Village:wehost wehost weho.st are an Amsterdam based group that enjoy hosting shared services for public use and helping others to deploy decentralised and federated services. https://weho.st|-