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Cluster Name Lamarr South

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Name Lamarr South
Description Created by Team:Villages to group some smaller/medium villages
Total Floorspace requested by villages 365 m²
preferred Location 52° 17' 4", 5° 31' 28"
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Option1: Potential setup, Fan-like setup:

The idea here is that villages on the main road get about halve the 'driveway' compared to villages with only side-road access. The village in the Middle is Left a little oversize so the surrounding villages can 'steal' some space also the Village:Free Software Foundation Europe seems to require the largest space and multiple objects which makes it more flexible to take a certain shape as opposed to villages with a single big tent.

Option2: Potential setup, Pavilion setup

Other option is a more cluster like setup with a shared center (red dot) This is an option because we have some access space. This setup allows each village to relatively have the same amount of driveway and it might allow some cross village things to happen.