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When are tickets becoming available?

The ticket shop opened on 2016-12-28 and is at https://tickets.sha2017.org/ . Your ticket should be in your mail.

What is the pricing of the tickets?

A standard ticket costs € 250; discounts are available for young hackers (under 6: free, under 12: € 50, under 18: € 100). Business tickets that include a VAT invoice made out to a company are available at higher rates, as are supporter tickets. There is a limited batch of cheaper tickets released. Read more about it here

Are there single day tickets available?

No, SHA2017 will only have tickets for the entire event.

I want to come, but I can’t afford a ticket at that price!

Please send an email to tickets@sha2017.org and explain your situation. Then we will look at the possibilities and get back to you.

SHA is located next to the water. Can I come with a boat?

Yes, you can come with a boat. One of our projects is the creation of a harbour. Look for more information on safe harbour.

How is SHA2017 funded? Can my company sponsor part of the event?

The ticket sales will give us financial breathing space. If you like to sponsor us financially, then please buy a ticket for the event. If you like to sponsor one of our teams with goods, equipment and/or donations then please do contact us for more information.