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Name Lounge
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Visit the Lounge and listen to some awesome Music.

Silent Disco

Because we've to turn down loud music after 01:00, there is a Silent Disco: You hear the music not over the big speakers but over wireless headphones you're wearing.

Wireless Headphones

You can rent the wireless headphones for free at the Lounge. To do so, you've to write a mail to headphones@sha2017.org with your nickname as Subject. Then, you can take the Headphones by visiting the Lounge and saying your nickname.

The Headphones can also be used to hear the Music played at the Lounge (nearly) all over the Camp area.

To hear the Music of the Lounge, you've to use Channel 1 at the Headphones (should be preset).

So, feel free to write a mail and take some Headphones.


You also can stream the Music by visiting https://streaming.media.ccc.de/SHA2017/lounge.