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  • Do you have an announcement for press? Is your project/village/person doing something cool? Tell us (press team) about it so we can guide the press! Also tell us if you do NOT want press to visit you. Press team will also add things themselves.
  • Do you have something short to announce all visitors? Put it up as a Community announcement.

Official press information on

Tell us on this page:

  • the thing you do (link to project/village!)
  • where it is and when
  • tell us for who it's interesting. Nice photos? Interesting for 'noobs', security press, makers, kids?
  • give us PHONE NUMBERS AND MAIL. This is really important if we want to reach you.


Welcomes press.

Village:Family Village

  • ask lemmster to guide a camera team through the family village, contact through the press team (DECT 1212).

Projects:Hack in The Class (HITC)

  • Welcomes press
  • Contact: Nemo or Fish_ (through press desk - reference #1971)

Phone Operation Center (POC)

Welcomes press

Network Operation Center (NOC)

Please no press visits on Day 1 (Friday). Press is welcome from Day 2 onwards.


Press welcome