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A project is a collaborative enterprise that brings together certain people, groups or communities. A project is usually connected to one or multiple Villages, which places it on the map... otherwise just say where it is on the page.

Browse through the list to find interesting projects, but more importantly: walk around on the camp-site and have a chat with the people from the projects you find interesting and discover even more than you could think of.

If you work on some project on the camp or just want to show on what you are usually working, you're encouraged to tell others about your presence and what you're doing.

So, if you like, create a page containing information about you and your project using the project form.

List of projects

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Projects:BadgeDesign, manufacture and distribute a badge for every SHA2017 visitor. The badge will enrich the event by delivering useful information to visitors, and be a great developing platform.
Projects:BinaryVoiceBinaryVoice has been the Dutch (and partial German) radio station on the mayor camps since 2009. We've had a few name changes based on the event, but the core always remained the same people :)
Projects:CTFWe are a group of hackers who are part of the Eindbazen CTF team and we are currently in the process of organizing the official CTF for the SHA event.Village:CTF Village
Projects:Illumos HackingWe would like to provide an environment to work on illumos, illumos based distributions and services. Everybody is welcome to contribute.Village:Frubar
Projects:SHArterzugTo rent a train picking up participants of SHA 2017 within Germany. (And bring them back again, of course) The project is still in a very early planning stage.
Projects:Test ProjectI've made this wiki do things exactly the way i want it.Village:StitchVille
Projects:TimeOperationsCentreThe goal is to provide time and standard frequency (10MHz) to the camp.Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
Projects:altpwr.netA 42VDC power grid for experimenting and sharing solar/wind/zero-point/water/human energy! Join by adding yourself to the mailing list and say hi! :)
Projects:drone raceOur goal is to introduce FPV drone racing to all participants of sha2017!

There are 9 announced projects.


Facilitating projects

These projects facilitate service for everyone visiting the camp.

Project Goal Contact IRC channel
Badge Design an awesome badge #sha2017-badge
Safe Harbour Authority To have a hacker flotilla village of at-least 42 boats for hackers to live and sleep on during the event. #sha2017harbour
altpwr homepagewiki An extra low voltage DC (PELV) grid during the event. #altpwr
BinaryVoice Digital + FM Radio Station #sha2017