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Exact name BinaryVoice
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Description BinaryVoice has been the Dutch (and partial German) radio station on the mayor camps since 2009. We've had a few name changes based on the event, but the core always remained the same people :)
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Persons working on Anus, PsychiC, WinSCaP

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BinaryVoice has been the Dutch (and partial German) radio station on the mayor camps since 2009.

We've had a few name changes based on the event, but the core always remained the same people.

Here is a small list of previous events and names used

  • 2009 : HAR , HARFM
  • 2010 : ETH0 Summer , BinaryVoice
  • 2011 : CCC Summer , BinaryVoice
  • 2013 : OHM , OHMroep
  • 2017 : SHA , BinaryVoice

Schedule: Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule


Provide up-to-date information about the event to the visitors on camp and the rest of the world.

Provide an addition of the event and discussions about our current (digital) age.

Provide a platform where anyone can speak up to share their thoughts and knowledge.

Honor our heritage regarding the freedom of speech on the air and the wire.

And off course to have lots of fun.


Under lead of Brenno de Winter we erected HARFM to the followup of SubUrban from W!T!H! in 2005.

Our goal was to build a radio setup along with an actual FM transmitter and provide content before and during the event.

As soon our FM license started we started broadcasting and didn't finish untill our licensed airtime was over.

After that static remained.... at least untill the following year in 2010 when we did a stream-only version on ETH0 Summer.

This was the first time we've been using the common name BinaryVoice as leading name for the hackerradio concept.

In 2011 BinaryVoice went physically international by invading CCC bringing our concept within HX2 as the primary stream and FM station on camp.

The next big hacker event 2013 we were present again, this time under the alias "OHMroep" , which is a play on the dutch word "omroep" meaning broadcasting station.

Although we had one of the biggest setup to show for. Once again with FM and digital , but we were held back by OHMwoes.

Now, 2017, SHA will happen and BinaryVoice will be there again.

Under the mainteam Productiehuis we can share knowlegdge, resources and funding giving us the power to achieve awesomeness.

Team / Vacancies

We need you ! (insert picture of uncle sam pointing here =D )

No really, we need you....

Volunteers are what drives the community and this project is completely from and for the community.

The more people joining the teams, the better content we can produce and the better experience everyone will get out of this project.

BinaryVoice strives to be an open team where anyone can contribute to the community by literally speaking up.

We reach thousands of people on each event making your voice heard.

Wether its news, debates, discussions, controversy, interviews or simply having fun, we have made the platform for it to happen.

Are you good at finding news or content ? join our editorial team

Are you good with talking to other people or leading a discussion ? become a host or field reporter

Are you looking for a place to have fun and share your music and/or ideas ? be a dj

Are you a techie that want to know more about how to make a studio or using audio equipment ? team up and we'll share our knowledge with you

Anyone can participate despite age (why not have a kidshow , by kids for kids) or skill and we have never ever said no to anyone who wants to participate.

If you would like to join this project, let us know by sending us an e-mail or drop by on IRC channel #sha2017-productiehuis.

We will be looking forward to you !