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Exact name Fermentation Mobile
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Description We want to establish "fermentation mobile", center which will help to spread the art&science of fermentation around the world helping the kvasir's to live decently by doing that.
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Tags fermentation, mobile, drinks, beverages, food, cooking
Located at village Village:Foodhackingbase
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This project and talk is about setting up mobile fermentation education centers for experimental fermentation as well as means of legal production and vending points of fermented and other products at a variety of events and places.

After a decade of fermenting around the world I Algoldor have come to the conclusion that having mobile bases, where kvasirs (brewers, fermentors) can do what they love and legally make their living by carrying out their activities, is a sustainable way to promote the fermentation art and science long term.

Being able to meet your needs by choosing and later on keeping working in your profession is one of the founding principles of human society. You can build up experience and knowledge of the persons and groups achieving progress in your field. Establishing fermentation communities guarantees more stable conditions for fermentation related projects, which take time, energy, and resources.

A mobile approach to fermentation helps to reduce efforts and resources to a minimum. This is crucial especially at the first phases of community build up, when least resources are available. Importantly it also allows promotion, exchange, and resource generation by collaboration with other communities and participation at events when the “home community” is not “fermentized”, or strong enough, to support the project fully yet. Fermentation mobile therefore aims to build up stable, local fermentation communities by helping them to achieve their sustainability and self reliance faster and more efficiently, integrating them into a legal framework, and combining collaboration and exchange of resources with other communities and projects.

We have overviewed the theoretical part of the fermentation mobile project in this talk creating a proposal which with your support can be practically realized in up coming months resulting in construction, certification and pilot testing of fermentation mobile center in the real life conditions.

More information will be uploaded soon.