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Exact name SHA2017 OBCZ
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Description Free books to the masses. Because SHAring is caring.
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Tags books, free
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HAR2009 had an OBCZ, OHM2013 had an OBCZ and SHA217 will have an OBCZ too.
What's an OBCZ? An OBCZ is an Official BookCrossing Zone: a place where you can find, swap and leave BookCrossing books.
What's BookCrossing? BookCrossing is a worldwide movement that has the goal to make the world into a library by leaving free books behind in public places, for others to find, take home and read.
What's a book? A book is a stack of printouts, glued or sewn together on one side and protected by a cover.

You will find the SHA2017 OBCZ in the Silent Lounge on Hopper Field. Feel free to take a book, swap a book or bring a book... or more than one. Swapping is not required and there are no strings attached.
Most of the books you can find there will be registered with BookCrossing, but we love all books: if you leave unregistered books there that is fine too.