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On this page you can find a list of planned self-organized sessions by participants of the camp and you'll find the necessary information to create your own one.

"Self-organized Sessions" includes everything, everything that is organized by you and where you welcome other visitors to join!

Such an event can be:

  • ... a gathering of a project group or on a special topic,
  • ... a contest or a game,
  • ... a workshop,
  • ... a small talk or lecture,
  • ... a screening of a movie,
  • ... something with music, literature and art,
  • ... a follow-up-discussion on one ob the "big talks" or another topic that happened rencently,
  • ... everything else you think that needs to take place at the camp,

List of self organized sessions

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There are 19 registered self-organized sessions.

Session:Autopsy of IoT - Nabaztag, the HareOne of the most dangerous characteristic of IoT is being hidden.

So what better than opening and disassemble things of IoT trying to understand how they work and what is inside? The first inhabitant of IoT, the hare Nabaztag is the protagonist of the first autopsy of a series.

And probably, after the autopsy, there will be a resurrection!
Session:Brief history of IoT (Internet of Things)While the IoT buzzword became common in the last four years, in june 2005 a French start-up began to sold the father of all Things of Internet, the Nabaztag. Being mainly an object of feeling, (despite being sold as “ Information console - portable media player”). Nabaztag will tell us this Internet tale of dreams and nightmares, describe the present and guess maybe a bit of future
Session:CTFWe are a group of hackers who are part of the Eindbazen CTF team and we are currently in the process of organizing the official CTF for the SHA event.
Session:Cyberbullying: reverse engineeringThe workshop focuses on a real case of cyberbullying: participants will have the opportunity to disassemble the aggression using the method of Zanshin Tech martial art, recognizing specific attack techniques used by the bully and learning how to stop them and stay safe in the digital world. The minimum age to participate is 11 years old.
Session:Free Software apps for Android installation party!This is about, the Free Software App repository for Android systems and every Android-based fork. F-Droid is easy to install and easy to use, but the amount of available Free Software apps can be overwhelming in the beginning. We will share our experience about the most useful apps for navigation, email, notes, encrpytion etc and install and get to know them at the same time. BYOD, Join us, this is fun and pimp your phone!
Session:From NoT to IoT (or the opposite?)NoT (Network of Things) and IoT (Internet of Things) looks like overlapping definitions, the second following the first.

During this short course all the above will be discussed and a lot of complexity and loops will emerge. In fact IoT and NoT developed mostly in an independent way and still today are seen as separated things.

Is this true or a big and dangerous mistake?
Session:Introduction to Mozilla ChangeCopyrightChangeCopyright è la campagna europea di Mozilla per sensibilizzare gli utenti riguardo l'uso di internet e sul materiale che condividono in rete. Slide:
Session:Italians Do It BiggerWe’ll set a 3D printing workshop and non-stop activity with a 3mt tall printer. Workshop will teach to approach everyone to 3D printing with hemp fiber and polymer derived by corn seeds. Workshop and activities will be surrounded by a sensorial experience with essential oils prepared by a florentine artist joining design, art, open source technology
Session:Join Mozilla: We Have CookiesJoin Mozilla: we have cookies! Vieni a scoprire cosa fa Mozilla per te e di come in Italia stia agendo nella creazione di club cittadini e campus universitari per promuovere la alfabetizzazione digitale, la programmazione e sicurezza su internet.
Session:MadTeaPartyArtists and rabbits join for madness and tea, in a cozy corner yet to be found. Feel free to bring tea and your fancy hat.
Session:Mobile WorldDigital forensics could be very challenging when you need to work with mobile devices. They are far more difficult to investigate than PCs or Macs, and, at the same time, they are connected with many different cloud services. We’ll talk about new extraction and analysis programs, as well as cloud technologies
Session:Modern Digital Forensics analysis, where to find evidencesIn the modern interconnected world it’s not simple to find where digital evidences are. They can be found on devices (both PCs and mobiles), on virtual machines, in the cloud. We’ll discuss about modern investigation techniques, OSINT, and how to correlate information from different sources to trace where the evidences could be found.
Session:My own systemModern Personal Computer are migrating to an Always-on paradigm. We use cloud account to authenticate, Cloud drives and services, software houses want to collect more and more personal data. The simplest solution could be to choose an alternative operating system (like GNU/Linux or *BSD) and simply ignoring the world which is changing. Otherwise you can begin an hardening process and try to balance new Technologies and a resonable level of security. It's challenging but you can do it. Furthermore It's a way to build an antiforensics system
Session:New challengesPCs and Macs are changing. They are inheriting many features from the mobile devices. They use cloud accounts, SSDs, cryptography, always-on and connected-stand-by. These features are challenging and are changing extraction and analysis techniques. Now it’s not more possible to simply acquire an hard drive and then perform an off-line investigation. You have to mix and match different approaches.
Session:Organizational Security for Human Rights Defenders in the Global SouthOrganizations defending human rights in what is referred to as the Global South -- what some prefer to call, the developing world -- have to deal with lack of resources in the face of intrusive surveillance and interception from governments. How can they protect their data, either at rest or in transit? How can they protect the information entrusted in them by their constituencies? This workshop is meant to come up with a practical manual that can be used by those organizations to learn how to secure their information so that they can stop worrying about that and get busy doing their primary job: protecting human rights.
Session:The first sessionThis is a placeholder session, just to make sure sessions are working. If you still see this and there are over 10 other sessions registered already, feel free to delete this one :)
Session:Windows forensicsWindows 10 is, at the same, the old good Windows and a completely new operating system, capable to run on different architectures, from IoT to Virtual Reality systems, passing by convertibles, tablets and 2-in-1. Let’s have some fun together…
Session:Zanshin Tech: the digital martial artZanshin Tech is a digital martial art focusing on the digital aggression and teaching how to use mind and technology to avoid, solve or stop the conflict. In this quick overview we will introduce the discipline, describing the activities, the educational method and the structure of the art itself.