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Description Open Molecular Cooking Night is the perfect place to put a molecular twist on some of your favourite recipes.
Type Hands-On
Kids session No
Keyword(s) food, drink
Tags Food Hacking Base, Foodhackingbase, food, foodhacking
Processing village Village:Foodhackingbase
Person organizing User:PeterC
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Subtitle Workshop Venue I
Starts at 2017/08/04 19:00
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Duration Unkown minutes
Location Village:Foodhackingbase
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This is a casual session where you will first be shown the kinds of things that can be created with molecular gastronomy and will subsequently be allowed to make small batches of whatever you want with our ingredients (we will also have some recipes prepared). Due to the finicky nature of molecular gastronomy recipe success is not guaranteed but we're sure you'll walk away with some new skills. We recommend adding a molecular twist to a recipe(can be food/drink/cocktail) you're already familiar with.

If you have any questions please contact PeterC on the FoodHackingBase IRC.

Location: Workshop Venue I Time: Day 1 7PM Duration: However long you're willing to cook Sign-Up HERE: (Max. 10 people)

Planned things:

  • Spherification
  • Foams
  • "Airs"
  • Carbonation

We recommend finding recipes and ideas on this website ( and then checking that we have all the chemicals on our ingredient list (please also add it to the list below)

Recipe List:

Avaliable Ingredients:

  • Carob Gum 100g
  • Konjac Gum 100g
  • Guar Gum 100g
  • Methylcellulose 100g
  • Calcium Lactate 50g
  • Sodium Citrate 50g
  • Xanathan Gum 50g
  • Sodium Alginate 50g
  • Lechtin Powder 50g
  • Carrageenan Iota 50g
  • Agar Agar 50g
  • Carrageenan Kappa 50g
  • Citric Acid 50g
  • Ultratex 50g
  • Zorbit 50g