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You have a ticket that you want to sell again, say, because you can't make it to the camp?
Searching for a ticket with payment variants that are not offered in the ticket shop?

This is site is dedicated for swapping spare tickets between people.

Note that there are still tickets to buy in the official ticket store!

This page is purely a visitor initiative. It is neither maintained nor supervised by the camp organization!
Be warned that ticket selling/buying comes at a high fraud risk! Be sure to establish trust with the person you're buying tickets from!

Selling procedure

Selling your ticket is just fine. We can invalidate the old ID and generate a new one. Send an e-mail to tickets@sha2017.org

Ticket offers

Name Contact Amount Comment
esbjerg h0001@xbsd.net 1 standard ticket for 150 EUR. Cash preferred. Sick so cannot come. My friend will deliver the ticket at entrance.
Hanno hanno@hboeck.de 1 standard ticket for 150 EUR bought for someone else who won't come
Arvid arvidpetermann@gmail.com I am giving away: 2 standard tickets (one for 125 € or both for 200 €), 1 young hacker ticket born after 3.8.2005 (25 €) My family cant come because of illnes.
Sandra inwendig@mailbox.org I am giving away: 1 young hacker ticket (born after 3-8-1999) + 1 young hacker ticket (born after 3-8-2005) - for a self written poem or story or an interesting private lecture on whatever. Don't ask.
User:xuio moritz@hoffmail.me 1 standard ticket, 145€. IBAN, Paypal or ETH. I have to work :(
User:FMuenzner Frank.Muenzner@fpem.de 2 Standard Tickets for 230€ each, 1 Parking Ticket for 60€. Paypal or Bitcoin accepted i'm stay at SHA at 4.8. 10ocklock, so if are a "Verpeiler" you can contact me by mail. Tickets is for members of family spread over the world, to realise a small meeting,but some can't come. Ticket initially buyed for ca.280€
User:toresbe toresbe@gmail.com 2 standard tickets, 210€ each. IBAN or Paypal. No-good cancelling friends.
User:stauffy benjamin.horn@posteo.de 1 Standard Ticket for 155€. Bank transfer or Paypal accepted I can't make it.
User:yass yass@mailbox.org 1 Standard Ticket for 150€, Bitcoin, IBAN(Bank transfer), Paypal, cash accepted Second ticket for my brother. But he can't go.
DigitalHuman vangelier@hotmail.com 1 Standard Ticket for 200 EUR. Bitcoin, Paypal, IBAN(Bank transfer) accepted I have bought my ticket but it seems I had 2 events planned in the same week.
mortzel mortzel@0x2a.it 1 Standard Ticket with T-Short Men M for 250 EUR. Bitcoin accepted I have bought my ticket too early, now I'm going to have trouble going to the camp.
lucas punkt@ctdo.de 2 Standard Ticket for 220-250 EUR. I bought the tickets to early and now i can't make it.
skewi skewi@mailbox.org 1 Standard Ticket for 210 EUR. Due work reschedule i can't make it, like to sell this ticket.
da_waschtl dontspam@posteo.de 1 Standard Ticket for 250 EUR. Bitcoin accepted Changed my job, now I don't get off... damn :/
Bruno bruno.mphx2@gmail.com Kartent – Tent + 2x Sleeping package for 125 EUR Decided not to camp
Julian julianbrown99@gmail.com 1 Standard Ticket plus 1 Parking Ticket for 50 EUR ono. Can't make it due to other stuff coming up.
dirk sha2017exchange@fidocon.de 2 Standard Tickets for 200 EUR each (maybe less). Ordered two tickets for colleges, unfortunately they can't participate. Being now near SHA, Cash preferred.
Gieg sha2017@timewasters.nl 1 Parking Ticket (no entrance, only parking). €30? Coming with a camper instead of a car.
Bas Vermeulen> bas.vermeulen@blackstar.nl 2 x Kartent for 45 EUR. IBAN or PayPal. Ordered the Kartents, but decided to buy an actual tent later.
Sasja sasja.ws@gmail.com 2 Standard Tickets for 150 EUR each. (bank transfer, bitcoin, paypal, cash, ...) Contact hackerspace.ghent in case you want to check my trustworthiness.
Tom Lowenthal sha2017@tomlowenthal.com One standard ticket for $300 or €265. No longer able to attend. Payment method negotiable.
Bcn shaexchange@mortemale.org One standard ticket for 100€, One M tshirt 20€. Paypal or others at need. I can't, it's summer.
Ewan sha@ewanp.com Two standard tickets + car parking 475€, Paypal or IBAN. Gutted not to be attending but have to help with an event in the UK. Would very much appreciate a badge after the event.
Paul pklingberg@gmail.com Standard Ticket, 150€, Paypal or IBAN. Can't make it.
coco camp@cocoswelt.de One standard ticket for 250€, one Female-S shirt 25€. Paypal or IBAN. Decided to attend a different camp.
hobbyqs hobby-querschnitt (at) posteo.de 1 Standard Ticket for 250 EUR., T-Shirt XL, Hoodie XL & Camper place total 332,50 - IBAN(Bank transfer) accepted I have bought my ticket but we´ll have a family event in the same week.
z sha2017@secretlabs.de 1 Standard Ticket for 250 EUR. Bitcoin, zcash or IBAN Can't make it.
DrS cz@amateurengineer.com One Standard Ticket for 250 EUR. BTC or similar, IBAN or Paypal one of our villagers can't make it
Kim info@vanerkelens.kim One Standard Ticket for 85 EUR. iDEAL, SOFORT, bunq or Paypal Changed plans
User:Bitlair.nl-kartoffel kartoffel(at)sha2017.org 1 parking ticket, t.e.a.b. (open for offers) - IBAN, cash don't have a car any more :(
User:jabdoa gone 1 normal ticket for 50€ - IBAN, cash cannot go because of girlfriend :-(
User:RbN r.b.n@riseup.net 2-for-1, 2 std tickets to sell for 125€ each - IBAN, cash friends cannot come :-(
User:korfuri korfuri at gmail.com 1 bronze ticket, 200EUR to me (IBAN or cash) or proof you donated 200EUR (or equivalent) to the Nature Conservancy friend can't join anymore :(
User:rafael rafael at krem@rocketmail.com 1 standard ticket, 200 EUR (IBAN or cash) - could hand it to you on spot.)
User:Stefanr stefan@opener.am 2 standard ticket for 150 EUR each (IBAN), 1 young hacker 6 to 12 years old for 30 EUR One of our family is ill so we won't come over.

Ticket requests

Note that there are still tickets to buy in the official ticket store.

Name Contact Amount Plead