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Arrival 2017/08/03
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Village Village:Free Software Foundation Europe
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Libre laptops

I'll bring half a dozen Coreboot laptops for sale, so you too can own a 100% Libre laptop and join the Coreboot community. They are ThinkPad T400's and X200's, professionally flashed this week.

Poster with prices and specs


Saturday, August 5, 12:30:
Free Software in the Dutch public sector by Nico Rikken @ the Italian embassy

Almost 15 years ago now the Dutch government first officially commited to adopting open source software. But what has come of that? Spoiler alert: very little! Especially compared to other countries. That's why it is a recurring theme in politics, as policy does not result in change. In this presentation I'll dig deep and highlight the projects that do meet that initial goal of open source adoption.

Monday, August 7, 12:30:
What code are you running? by Nico Rikken @ the Italian embassy

When you open up a webpage, or write an e-mail you are dependent on hundreds of libraries and many million lines of code working as expected. Considering your average free software stack, your trust is in the developers and mantainers of the application, the libraries and the distro to do their job. Recently projects were initiatiated to build a second chain of trust, in the software itself. In my presentation I'll explain why we need to increase the trustworthiness of our systems, and what solutions are being worked on to increase that trust. Some of the projects I'll highlight are Reproducible builds, GuixSD, QubesOS and the L4 kernel.