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Village Name Br1gad00n


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Contact / HW, DECT 4949
Part of Cluster Cluster:Manning

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Assigned Field Manning Field
Description A small scottish village.... no, in fact, a village of people from more or less the middle of Germany, associated with the CCC Goettingen - plus friends & family. We'll have a bit of common infrastructure and there'll often be nice and friendly people around, so feel free to come by and have a chat!

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Registered on 18 July 2017 12:59:17
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Here, a friendly bunch of hackers, friends and family from rough about the middle of Germany, the area up and about Goettingen (right in the middle of nowhere, hence the name of the village), lives a peaceful and quiet life. Probably no big party to join here, but drop in for a friendly talk any time. However, we might be out to party at some other, more central place. If our plans work as intended, we'll bring a 5m pole with LED animation. So if you see some jumpy light effects on the horizon, that's where you'll find us.