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Family Village
Village Name Family Village

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Description Making SHA2017 a wonderful, safe and educational experience for 16-

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Interests family
, children
, camping
Registered on 11 May 2017 12:30:40
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Prefered Location 52° 17' 15", 5° 31' 50"
Prefered Field Babbage Field
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Welcome to the Family Village, a place for camping with your kids. We are currently hard at work with providing basic infrastructure: a field for sleeping, a field for playing, a tent for workshops and one for indoor playing.

Our activities are meant to be enjoy as a family, not for a small child on its own. Family Village is not a day care, and you cannot leave your child unattended.


Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Bas Vermeulen Verfied.png Fri Aug 4 0:00 Tue Aug 8 0:00 Wife + 12yo daughter
Chris Verfied.png Thu Aug 3 12:00 Wed Aug 9 18:00 Wife, 1.5yo daughter, van
Dave Verfied.png Thu Aug 3 13:00 Wed Aug 9 10:00 Caravan, wife, 1.5yo daughter
Florian Overkamp Verfied.png Thu Aug 3 0:00 Tue Aug 8 0:00 Wife and 2yo son
HappyHappy Verfied.png Thu Aug 3 17:00 Tue Aug 8 0:00 2 grownups, 2 Kids 9yrs and 6yrs
Patrick Verfied.png Thu Aug 3 20:00 Tue Aug 8 12:00 3 Boys (11y,9y,7y)
Richard Garsthagen Verfied.png Fri Aug 4 0:00 Tue Aug 8 0:00 Wife + 3 Sons (14, 10,6)
Stef Louwers Verfied.png Fri Aug 4 0:00 Tue Aug 8 0:00 wife and 1,5 year old son
caller Verfied.png Fri Aug 4 0:00 Tue Aug 8 0:00 me, 3 girls (4,6,8 yr), 1 adult friend Verfied.png Thu Aug 3 18:00 Tue Aug 8 12:00 wife (rena) and 1,5 year old son
haakjes Verfied.png Fri Aug 4 0:00 Tue Aug 8 0:00 likely: wife and 1,5 year old son
hvwees Verfied.png Thu Aug 3 14:00 Tue Aug 8 0:00 Maybe my 2.5 year old daughter
lmstr Verfied.png wife, 3.5yo son, 1.5yo daughter, 3m daughter
siedi Verfied.png Thu Aug 3 18:00 Tue Aug 8 0:00 3 kids (9 f,11 f, 13 m)
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  • We are not a day care. Do not leave your child unattended.
  • Food is not provided. Please bring your own food for your children. Water and lemonade will be provided. There is a refrigerator where you can keep your babyfood. Please note: this refrigerator is ONLY meant for babyfood etc.
  • It is advised to put a wristband on your child. These are provided by the Family village. Please put your phonenumber on this wristband and make sure we can always get in touch with you, even if you are at a talk or workshop.
  • Make sure you have a recent and clear pucture of your child on hand. We need this in case your child goes missing.
  • We hope to have great weather, and in this case, you need to keep in mind that your child needs special care. Your child will be outside most of the day. Make sure you use a waterressistant sunscreen with a high factor and provide fresh fruits and food. The family Village does provide water and lemonade, but NO food.
  • Initiatives like for example “zeepbaan” are very welcome!
  • On the Babbagefield it must be quiet after 21.00. Children and their caretakers need their rest.