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Description The Free Software Foundation Europe is dedicated to spread software freedom as one way into a Free Society. We do lobbying & public relations and we offer legal advice and interest representation of and for every Free Software project. This village is hosted for and by our members, friends and supporters to offer a common space to discuss, meet, hack and organise. Let's put the hacking back into politics!

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Interests free software
free software
, gnu
, gpl
, encryption
, gnupg
, free society
free society
, privacy
, activism
Registered on 3 May 2017 14:11:52
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Important Update: Find our location

For weather conditions, the village needed to move. The village will be set up latest Saturday at noon. It is now next to the CCC Munich (with the green Police car) and South of the Finnish embassy, more or less in the center of the camping place. The field has no name, unfortunately. You can find the location when you look at the our map. The red (x) shows you our location. Feel welcome!
FSFE village location

Our talks and sessions

  • Update: talk cancelled! Friday, August 4, 17:20:
    Public Money Public Code by Polina Malaja @ the Italian embassy
  • The FSFE's latest campaign "Public money, public code" (PMPC) evolves around the demand targeted at public administrations to release software which is paid with taxpayers' money as Free Software. We believe that publicly funded software should be considered as public good and be freely available for everybody to reuse, study, share and improve. Thre talk gives an overview of our PMPC campaign, together with concrete action points on how everybody can engage in the campaign and support our goal.

  • Friday, August 4, 22:15:
    F-Droid: Pimp your Android(-fork) with the best Free Software apps by Erik Albers @ the Italian embassy
  • F-Droid is a Free Software App repository (similar to a "market place") for Android systems and every Android-based fork. F-Droid is easy to install and easy to use. This is interactive! We will install F-Droid (in case you do not yet have it) and demonstrate the five or so most usable apps. After that the stage is free to be filled with you and your favorite F-Droid app. Bring your own device and join and share with us to pimp your phone with Free Software!

  • Saturday, August 5, 17:40:
    What code are you running? by Nico Rikken @ the Italian embassy
  • When you open up a webpage, or write an e-mail you are dependent on hundreds of libraries and many million lines of code working as expected. Considering your average free software stack, your trust is in the developers and mantainers of the application, the libraries and the distro to do their job. Recently projects were initiatiated to build a second chain of trust, in the software itself. In my presentation I'll explain why we need to increase the trustworthiness of our systems, and what solutions are being worked on to increase that trust. Some of the projects I'll highlight are Reproducible builds, GuixSD, QubesOS and the L4 kernel.

  • Sunday, August 6, 15:20:
    Secure communications hardware by Maurice Verheesen @ the Italian embassy
  • This talk will focus on securing end-point-devices from attack by state level actors. This kind of IT security is important when these devices are operating in potentially hostile environments. Examples would be: securely communicating from an embassy, operating as a journalist and running certain industrial production environments. First we will show some attack vectors employed in the past by state actors. Then protection measures are demonstrated, starting with low level treat protection and ending in full-scale paranoid mode. It will demonstrate how far one must go (and can go) to achieve a certain level of security.

  • Sunday, August 6, 20:20:
    Digital personal locker by Maurice Verheesen @ the Stage NO
  • Most of our data is held in a fuzzy uncontrollable manner. We propose a totally different solution, a new paradigm in thinking about your data. In this paradigm you know where your data is, you are in control and data losses are a thing of the past. This presentation will introduce the personal locker. A technical reference (and device) that allows you to actually own and control your data. Big data can have many benefits. But until now you had to store your data somewhere in the cloud instead of at home. This idea will show how to combine different open source software and hardware solutions to build a device which complies to regulations but where you own and control the data. Think blockchain, distributed file systems, encryption, PKI and Open mHealth.

  • Monday, August 7, 11:10:
    How to make use of democratic elections for your own purpose by Erik Albers @ Stage PA
  • In the other half of the year and in 2018, most probably a majority of Sha Camp visitors will have an election. Time to get organised and bring in your topic into the elections. This talk will show and compare different forms of political campaigns during election times, including Free Software tools. Best methods to be used for the different forms of campaigning will be explained in a way for you to pick it up and make it work for your topic. Let's put pressure bottom-up again!

  • Monday, August 7, 12:30:
    Free Software in the Dutch public sector by Nico Rikken @ the Italian embassy
  • Almost 15 years ago now the Dutch government first officially commited to adopting open source software. But what has come of that? Spoiler alert: very little! Especially compared to other countries. That's why it is a recurring theme in politics, as policy does not result in change. In this presentation I'll dig deep and highlight the projects that do meet that initial goal of open source adoption.

  • Monday, August 7, 14:00:
    FreedomBox installfest by Ruben, Johannes, Nico Rikken @ the Free Software Foundation Europe village
  • An introduction to FreedomBox, a 100% free software self-hosting web server to deploy social applications on small machines. It provides online communication tools respecting your privacy and data ownership. If you bring your own single board computer (think Raspberry Pi) you can join the installfest and go home with your own FreedomBox. Otherwise install it on a virtual machine, or just join in to help others and share the experience.

The ultimate Free Software challenge

If you have been at the 33C3 you know that there will be noGame at the FSFE-Assembly : ) However, you can try the ultimate Free Software challenge that will let you dig deep into the history of Free Software, so deep that you might reach the big-bang-moment of Free Software. Be prepared for an inspiring and challenging journey and bring some friends (or any randomly allocated companionship) to pass it together. You know, sharing is caring!

There is no fixed schedule for this session. To participate in the ultimate Free Software challenge, simply make sure to be four to seven people and come at any time to the FSFE village. Bring good mood, ask and you are welcome.

The Free Software challenge is also kids-friendly and open for everyone from 8 years or more. No violence and no animals harmed!

Free Software Song sing-along at the FSFE Village

"Join us now and ..." sing together the Free Software song!

Everyday at the Village of the Free Software Foundation Europe we invite you to sing together the Free Software song; We have the lyrics and a conductor. Simply come, bring your hacker buddies and your voice and maybe an instrument and we form an ad-hoc choir and sing out loud our love for Free Software!
Kids-friendly & All creatures welcome!

Friday, August 4, Day 1 @ 20:00
Saturday, August 5, Day 1 @ 11:00
Sunday, August 6, Day 1 @ 17:00
Monday, August 7, Day 1 @ 14:00
Tuesday, August 8, Day 1 @ 10:00

BTW: If you are interested in a pro-choir who performs the Free Software song on stage, don't miss this chance to make a momentum of SHA history and check our Project: choir to perform the Free Software song.

Project:Free Software song choir

We are gathering to rehearse and perform the Free Software song. Most probably on the third day of SHA we will have a 2h-workshop to let the choir and conductor Benjamin Wand practice the sing-along. Most probably on day four, we are reaching out to find a stage where this choir will perform the Free Software song for everyone to listen. Crowdsinging the Free Software song!

In preparation, you'll find the sheet music on imslp, and you can also listen to it on musescore and download it in formats other than pdf on cpdl.

More details to come!

You are welcome to participate whether or not you are an experienced choir-singer. It is ok to be female and sing in a male vocal group and vice versa.

If you are interested in joining the choir, or you have a stage and like the choir to perform at your place, get in contact.

Btw: If you are "just" interested in ad-hoc singing the Free Software songs together with like-minded people and no stage, do not miss our Let's sing together the Free Software Song sessions. Once a day at the village of the Free Software Foundation Europe.

About the Free Software Foundation Europe:

Free Software Foundation Europe is a charity that empowers users to control technology.

Software is deeply involved in all aspects of our lives. It is important that this technology empowers rather than restricts us. Free Software gives everybody the rights to use, understand, adapt and share software. These rights help support other fundamental rights like freedom of speech, freedom of press and privacy.

Free Software Foundation Europe:

  • Helps individuals and organisations to understand how Free Software contributes to freedom, transparency, and self-determination.
  • Enhances users' rights by abolishing barriers to Free Software adoption.
  • Encourages people to use and develop Free Software.
  • Provides resources to enable everyone to further promote Free Software in Europe