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Village Name Heaven

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Assigned Field Rhodes Field
Description Here will be paradise

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Registered on 4 July 2017 17:01:08
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No event without crew and angels. Heaven will be the village where crew and angels live together. Heaven will be the first village and it will be the last. From the beginning until the end.

We will provide food, there will be breakfast, lunch and dinner for crew members and those angels who worked enough, starting 29th July with lunch, ending 11. Aug. with dinner. And you will have access to toilets and showers the whole time (what will not be on other areas).

We will have a nice spot under a big tarp, where crew members and angels can recover from hard work.

We will have (the only one on the whole site) campfire in the evening.

We have many things in mind which are not yet confirmed. Some might happen, some not. We would like some hammocks and other stuff for relaxing. We want some seats with power and cable network (done) and we started looking for angels that are well trained in massage or physiotherapy to provide a massage service for angels. Today (30th July) there was midnight cinema in the main angel tent, which has nice lighting and music (when there is no cinema).

But most we want to provide good feeling for those people who make SHA possible.


Many angels will be part of another village and visit Heaven only for eating. But there are always a number of angels that do not belong to another village, and those angels are welcome for staying and living in our village.

During early buildup and teardown some of the village fields will not be available. Buildup and teardown angels from villages on those fields are also welcome to put their tents on Rhodes field.


If you want to join the village before 3. August you need permission. You can use the information named on this page to get in contact with our team for getting permission to arrive earlier (just to make sure we can facilitate everybody on the field in terms of food and facilities).

Tear down is not the most popular part of a big event. But it will come and we would be really happy if there will be enough angels to help. Our full service will be available until (including) 11. August.