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Village Name Italian Hacker Embassy After Talks Meeting dedicated tent


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Assigned Field Flowers Field
Description Italian Hacker Embassy After Talks Meeting dedicated tent

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Registered on 14 May 2017 21:23:31
Hosts self-organized sessions Yes
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                 _.u[[/;:,.         .odMMMMMM'
              .o888UU[[[/;:-.  .o@P^    MMM^
             oN88888UU[[[/;::-.        dP^
            dNMMNN888UU[[[/;:--.   .o@P^
           ,MMMMMMN888UU[[/;::-. o@^
          oI8888UU[[[/o@P^:--..   ItalianEmbassy@SHA 
       .@^  YUU[[[/o@^;::---..    Kappannello Zone - SHA2017
     oMP     ^/o@P^;:::---..      4 -8 August 2017
  .dMMM    .o@^ ^;::---...        Zeewolde, NL
 dMMMMMMM@^`       `^^^^

Embassy contacts

Embassy call for papers - want to propose a lecture or event at the Embassy ?

This year ItalianEmbassy@SHA will have, like bigger villages in the past hacking events, a dedicated space for lectures & workshop.

There will be an IE@sha eventS calendar parallel to the SHA official one.

Have an idea for something worthing to be heard?

Fill this form or send a proposal to this email

Project and people

This is the Talk dedicated tent, Please refer to for details about the project and the complete list of people

This page is in progess. Please refer to