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Contact Steve DECT 2280

Sue DECT 2400

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Description We've come on holiday by mistake!

Suffolk Gophers (users of the Go programming language) & Perl 6 Team Members.

Old school UNIX hackers.


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Interests programming
, go
, perl 6
perl 6
, unix
Registered on 30 July 2017 20:34:21
Hosts self-organized sessions No
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Least Significant Bits

  • All the way from a wet, grey, flat place (Suffolk, England) to visit somewhere totally different! We're not from London you know!

  • Curmudgeonly UNIX types from the days of the VAX and 6502 but without the beards steve & sue bring USENET standards of trolling into the brave new Twitter world

  • One of us hates systemd and believes he's a "trans-cat" after several beers and the other doesn't like mayonnaise (so leave it off her chips!)

  • perl6 download Get the new sister language to the world's most expressive and UNIXY computer language Perl 5!

  • go C done right but we prefer our gopher to the official one (which creeps us out)