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Village Name Mexican Embassy

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Contact Itelchan
Part of Cluster Cluster:Lamarr South

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Assigned Field Lamarr Field
Description The Mexican embassy with delicious food, electronics, nerdiness and party mood!

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Registered on 5 August 2017 11:14:52
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The Mexican Embassy active during: HAR2009, CCC2011, OHM2013, CCC2015, SHA2017 comes with LEDs, wires and electronics to solder, play with hardware and make music, drinks and tortillas. Always waiting for new members to come and join. The mexican embassy is formed by one member :P You can be the next! Come pay us a visit and get a Mexican Embassy stamp on your passport and a shot of a nice drink.

Like everytime, accompanied with the FuWar (Furtwangen Alumni) crew.