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Village Name Open Web Application Security Project


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Contact Martin and Ralf, just ask at the tent :-)
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Assigned Field Olsen Field
Description OWASP Chapters of the Netherlands and Germany welcomes everyone interested in App Sec.

Edit your membership on your user page, here, and then on "edit with form" at the top.


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Registered on 16 March 2016 14:16:46
Hosts self-organized sessions Yes
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Come and find us on the Olsen field :-)

The Legendary OWASP BBQ: August 7 (Monday), 18:00 CEST

Please sign in so that we can estimate the necessary amounts.
You should also indicate your "special needs" if applicable (like vegetarian food, etc.).

    Sorry, High Noon! Registration closed :-) Organizing some food now...

  • Tinamonn
  • Tomahawk
  • M@xim-Ice
  • Ruf<u>zz
  • Jacco
  • muCCC Village ~ 15 ppl
  • elanthia
  • hopdoos
  • cjj
  • jappyjump (vegetarian)
  • m3m0r3x
  • Malur
  • frigge
  • daniel
  • Martin 1
  • Martin 2
  • Martin 3
  • Christian
  • Carsten
  • Tim
  • Jacek (vegan)
  • Michael S.
  • ankon
  • zusa
  • zkyp
  • Marco B x 2
  • SCM
  • Henning (vegetarian)
  • Nina
  • Kantorkel
  • Ohrensessel
  • ActionOlaf
  • Andre (vegetarian)
  • Alexander
  • Fish_
  • Fish_option
  • L33tdawg
  • B0
  • Belinda
  • Junk
  • Youri
  • Cherry
  • DrHerman
  • Zyronix
  • Maq123
  • Vks
  • Potatomas

    Sorry, High Noon! Registration closed :-) Organizing some food now...