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Assigned Field Wozniak Field
Description People making DIY Pizza for EFF charity and hungry hackers.

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Registered on 29 June 2017 18:46:12
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We're hackers from Karlsruhe and Munich and we are going to make pizza with an old electric pizza oven! We are entirely donation-based, with all profits going to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The goal is to make 1 m² pizza every 5 minutes. We currently plan to have three two-hour shifts per day, one for lunch and two for dinner.


We will need lots of volunteers to make it happen. Have fun, learn how to bake great pizza and contribute to a good cause at the same time! We are looking for volunteers in the following roles:

  • Shift leads: Coordinate a whole shift from beginning to end. Welcome our volunteers, instruct them and assign them to their stations. Organize dough making. Quality control, making sure pizzas are perfect and yummy. Be the point of contact for the operation if people have questions or requests.
  • Pizza baker: No strings attached pizza baking. You'll get your hands dirty and help with the baking. No prior knowledge of our operation required, just sign up for a shift and try out what it's like to be a pizza chef for a few hours!


Our pizza is for everybody, no payment required. However, we have costs as well. We bought the oven on eBay and lots of other equipment, have to rent a (very) large car to transport the oven, fridges and our equipment to the field and most importantly, we buy good ingredients every day to provide high-quality pizza. We're strictly non-profit, all surplus donations go to the EFF.

Please note that even though we are next to Milliways, we don't share a budget. We don't get any money from the sale of Milliways coins. Please donate so that we don't run a loss!

What happens to the oven after the camp? We will store it in Karlsruhe and lend it for free to local student organizations. If our village is a success at SHA, we plan to do this again at a future camp or provide the oven to other people who want to do something similar.

Shifts (Work in Progress)

We want to have three shifts: 15:00 - 17:00, 21:00 - 23:00, and 23:00 - 1:00. Per shift we need volunteers for at least five roles:

  • Coordinator: has experience with baking pizza at the village, stands at the counter, cries when fresh hot pizza is ready, and helps new pizza backers.
  • Dough Roller: rolls out pizza dough thinly using a rolling pin and puts dough onto baking tins
  • Toppings Pick & Placer: gets dough onto tins, puts on tomato sauce, and adds toppings
  • Oven Master: the hot seat! The oven master keeps an eye on the pizzas in the oven and takes them out when ready.
  • Chief Dough Engineer: portions the dough for the dough roller, and when a few dough boxes are empty, makes pizza dough for next shift.

Drop by to put your name down on our shift plan!


  • Pizza oven, 14.4kW (32A 400V), two 90cm x 60cm compartments, up to 500°C
  • 12 pizza screens (trays with small holes), 80x60cm²
  • Lots of other pizza equipment
  • 1-2 fridges
  • 6 tables, 6 chairs (for pizza preparation)


The oven Test-Pizza