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"Villages" are sub-camps. Villages organise themselves, often a community around a topic or region. Villages organise a part of their facillities themselves; they might have their own workshops and might invite the public to their camp.


What is a village?

A village is a group of people who want to camp together and organise themselves more or less. Sometimes a village also wants to organise or display sub-events or hackspaces/townhalls for their village. Some villages might setup a small datacenter, hack-tent, fancy lights, a place to have workshops/talks, etc.

What is a village not?

A cheap way for your company to do adverting or recruiting on the event. If you want to support a village in goods or financially that's ok, but try to limit your commercial or governmental presence on the event.

How do I get/make one?

Organise yourselves, find out with how many people you want to have your village, what you want to do in your village. How much space you -need-. etc. Then make a village page on the wiki. If you have any questions on what is possible or want to do something big/special. Contact us.

I want to do something special! Now what?

Cool! We love to hear what you have in mind and what you need for it. Most of the stuff you will probably need to organise yourself, but we can help out in regards to placement, power, network, space, etc.

Can we rent tents via you?

Yes. Please take a look at the Camping-Section in the [ticketshop].

Can we select a location for our village?

Not the exact location, but you can select on which field you want you village placed. Please take a look at the Fields page to learn about the properties of each field.

You can also place set a map marker on the Villages-Form.

How does Village placement work?

  • Visitors/Villagers select a preferred location and field. Please try to balance the 'usage' of each field. If there are already 50 Villages on a field, please select another one.
  • Visitors/Villagers put lots of information about their village into the Village-Form (click the 'edit with Form' button).
  • On the 1st of July, the Villages team will revisit the preferred location and move around Villages. The goal here is to meet as much constraints as possible.
  • Villages forming a Clusters will be placed next to each other

Since will be a lot of conflicting requirements we will move most villages around on the field. This can't be helped since there will be contradicting constraints.

The village orga team will try to consider as much of your requirements as possible.

When will we know our final location?

At the beginning of July. It is not possible to confirm a specific location before that date!

The current plan is to have a meeting on the first of July where we place/move the villages.

We want to bring some heavy/bulky stuff for our village. Can we deliver right to the village location?"

Yes/Depends. Driving is only allowed on paved roads. And access to the campsite will only be availabe bevore and after the event. Details on that will follow once we have deceided how to handle that.

How is waste-disposal arranged?

  • Regular event waste (trashbags) can be disposed of in one of the many bins around the fields.
  • For larger items (not household trash): Please take home everything you bring to SHA2017. Bear in mind that everything you leave behind will cost us valuable volunteer-time and money we could be spending on more fun stuff!

Other unsorted Notes

  • Unfortunately we need to follow some regulations. Please take a look at the Camping Page for more details.
  • There is a limited amount of tickets for campers. See Camping for more information on how to get a ticket.
  • If you want to bring lots of large stuff and need vehicle access to the campground please contact us.
  • Multiple villages can form a Cluster. They can share resources like power, network, tents, ... Talk to your neighbours/friends and see if you want to form a Cluster.
  • The deadline to register your village will be around end of June 2017.
  • If there are any questions please write to
  • If you want to have your workshops/meet-ups etc included in the official SHA2017 programme, do contact
  • Likewise if your ambitions go further than workshops and you want to run your own stage, the Content team really would like to know who curates your content and if you would be willing to pick up proposals that the Content team does not consider a good fit for a large stage but more for a specific village stage. Team Content would also like to know if you are willing to host workshops related to the main SHA2017 programme.
  • Early buildup will be possible, but we can't have to many people on the field on the days bevore the event. So please try to plan you buildup so you can do it on one day. Day -1 or earlier will be possible for larger villages.
  • Everything you bring to the camp has to be taken home again. No stuff can be left on the field (old couches, construction material, etc.). So keep that in mind when planing your village.
  • No open swimming pools. Really! There are lakes and open water around the campsite, so use them.

List of villages

Add.png  Register your village

refresh Please edit your village by clicking the "edit with form" on top of the page.

Page Name Description Website
Village:/dev/lol /dev/lol is a Hackerspace based in Linz/Austria
Village:9CoRE Bunch of french-speaking hackers from Switzerland, France.

Focusing on RCE, Privacy, HAM, SDR, C64 & more.
Village:ACKspace Gathering of ACKspace participants and friends
Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa Amalgam Assembly of awesome Austrian Hackspaces
Village:Anarchist Your friendly anarchist gathering space.
Village:Another Castle THE biggest and best retrogaming area on any event. Ever. Seriously. We're bringing 200m2 of pure arcade classics, like multiplayer race cabinets of Daytona, SCUD, Outrun2 and Sega Rally. Various 2 player lightgun cabinets like Time Crisis2, Rambo and Virtua Cop. And what about whacky and weird Japanese arcades like Puri Puri Poogie, Panic Park, Propcycle and Pang Pang Paradise. But wait there's more! Besides arcades, we also have an area dedicated to all your favorite retroconsoles complete with relaxing couches, multiplayer setups and frikking everdrives. Insane stuff, right. See, this only possible on SHA. And of course you can play Asteroids on a 1w laser. Wow, just wow..
Village:Attraktor The Attraktor Makerspace in Hamburg
Village:BEECreative Creative stuff with youngsters
Village:Belgian Embassy A warm place for workshops and Belgian beers Going strong since 2009.
Village:Bratzenamt a village
Village:Bristol Hackspace Bristol Hackspace and friends
Village:CTF Village We are a group of hackers who are part of the Eindbazen CTF team and we are currently in the process of organizing the official CTF for the SHA event.
Village:Center for Entropy
Village:ChaosZone CCC-affiliated groups from the former soviet-occupated zone of germany.
Village:ColourYourSha We will add visual effects to the SHA2017 event.

In this village we live during the event and you, as visitor, are welcome to play with our colour-manipulating toys.
Village:Energy 42V central station, here you can get some kits to protect your equipment in case a DCDC gets fried.
Village:Explody AI and Crafts
Village:Family Village Making SHA2017 a wonderful, safe and educational experience for 16-
Village:Family Village Playing Field
Village:Free Software Foundation Europe The Free Software Foundation Europe is dedicated to spread software freedom as one way into a Free Society. We do lobbying & public relations and we offer legal advice and interest representation of and for every Free Software project. This village is hosted for and by our members, friends and supporters to offer a common space to discuss, meet, hack and organise. Let's put the hacking back into politics!
Village:Fri3d Camp
Village:Frubar We are a Network of People who do some more or less creative projects to supply the digital community with new mindsets. While keeping balance between art and science we never forget the fun. The name Frubar is a mixture of foo bar and the german word for copious (fruchtbar). We thought it would describe best what we are doing.
Village:FuWaR The intergalactic FuWaR meetup!
Village:Geeks on vacation Geeks on vacation.
Village:Geraffel veteran nerds at it's best
Village:ICMP Intergalaktische Club Mate Party - Every two years the ICMP takes place at the source of all Mate and we have a great time. So why not have fun the other years as well?
Village:ItalianEmbassy This year ItalianEmbassy@SHA will have, like bigger villages in the past hacking events, a dedicated space for lectures & workshop, chillout zone, coffe nutella and pasta.,,,
Village:ItalianEmbassy-3mtTall3dPrinter 3mt tall 3d printer printing with hemp fiber very big things
Village:ItalianEmbassy-Kappannello Italian Hacker Embassy After Talks Meeting dedicated tent,,,
Village:ItalianEmbassy-Labs&Workshops Italian Hacker Embassy Labs and Workshops dedicated tent,,,
Village:ItalianEmbassy-PastaCoffeandChillout Italian Hacker Embassy - Kitchen, Bar and chillout zone: pasta, coffee, nutella and obviously grappa.,,,
Village:ItalianEmbassy-Talks Italian Hacker Embassy - Talks dedicated tent,,,
Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
Village:Localhost We are to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. Toublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. We're not fond of rules. We have no respect for the status quo. You can quote us, disagree with us, glorify or vilify us. About the only thing you can't do is ignore us. Because we change things. We push the human race forward. And while some may see us as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. http://LocalHost
Village:Mainframe Village of the Hackerspce/FabLab Oldenburg
Village:Moose Bunch of geeks sharing a story about moose (or possibly meese).
Village:NOP Not Our Problem
Village:NeighbourhoodNerds A bunch of friendly old nerds from Karlsruhe.
Village:NeuroVillage A place for all neurohacking and biohacking related activities. We bring some EEG and BCI devices and will continue to do what we did at CCCamp 2015 and some xxC3s.
Village:Opendigitalradio We're interested in things combining broadcasting and digital things, mostly DAB. We cook our broth with tasty Software-Defined Radio, a pinch of Amateur Radio, spiced with Power Amplifiers.
Village:Plan A
Village:SHA512 A village for Digital Forensics enthusiasts and their accompanying family (~ 30 people) http://-
Village:Sauna Finland PRKL Finnish embassy @ SHA
Village:Science for SHA
Village:Spanish village A bunch of Spanish nerds
Village:StitchVille This is my test village to make sure we can add villages to the map :)
Village:Swedish Embassy We are back to build a midsummer/penis pole, bring surströmming, aquavit, and be drunk and/or high as usual.
Village:SwissVillage Some visitors from Switzerland
Village:TheDropBearsRevenge A village for any Aussies/Kiwis at SHA2017.
Village:TkkrLab Hackerspace in Enschede / Twente / Netherlands / Europe / World / Universe
Village:Travellers Village Mei Travellers, this is a village for all of us.
Village:Trustworthy Engineers
Village:Tsja... The technopolitics village Tsja... (1) is a meeting place for people and organizations interested in the political dimensions of technology. We offer talks, workshops and meetings in an open structure. You're invited to contribute!

(1) EN: Whatever...
Village:UAVP-NG This is a community driven open source project building modern autonomiously flying multicopter.
Village:Warpzone A Hackerspace from Münster, Germany. Mixed group of software, hardware and food Hacker, with a wide range of Interests. Feel free to visit us :)
Village:Yolocation Yolocation services are cancelled. Please contact SHA2017:orga for possible Colocation of your stuff. Apologies!
Village:bimseln bunch or people and famillies
Village:fnordeingang a small german hackerspace
Village:freifunk * free and open wireless community networks
  • networks in general, especially wifi
  • long haul radio links
  • aiding refugees
Village:gramels Village a bunch of friends of gramels
Village:osso Bunch of like-minded ppl with tech background. We'll do something fun and will get back to you once we figure out what that is.
Village:toool pick all the things
Village:v01d v01d village is home to a collection of people from different ERFAs and hackerspaces plus a bunch of freelancers.

we will -- as usual -- run workshops, provide space for workshops, throw a party and set up our dome.

"v01d is the new shit"


List of clusters

A cluster is a conglomerate of more than one village. If you plan to cooperate with other villages, you should form a cluster.

Add.png  Create a new cluster

Page Name Description Website
Cluster:AltPwr.Net The alternative power network, an at least 1000m2 42V DC grid you and your village can join!,
Cluster:ChaosWest Chaos-West is a loose group of Hackespaces from midwest Germany.

We usualy join the individual villages or assemblies to a bigger cluster.
Cluster:Family Area Cluster of the different activities for children. This consists of the Family Village and the Family Playing Field.
Cluster:GRAPPolo Italian Hacker Embassy open Cluster supported by Italian Grappa, evryone is invited to join,
Cluster:Nordic Villages Nordic countries village cluster

The village map

It will soon be possible to pick a spot for your village on this map. Stay tuned! :)

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The full map, including the rest of the world, can be seen here.