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Some information is not found on the wiki but on the main SHA2017 website. Here is an overview of the topics from that blog:

general information

Staying clean & healthy during SHA2017 Take care
This field intentionally named <blank> The naming of the fields
Bring Your Own DECT: registration is open
Getting the most out of SHA2017: Volunteer! Volunteering
The SHA Poster. Regardless of XYZ, Still Hacking Anyway!
SHA2017, the camp with the fastest internet connection
SHA-1: "I'm made for design!" ¯\_(⌐■_■)_/¯ The SHA2017 design
Team:Productiehuis : Recording all the things Team:Productiehuis : Redundancies everywhereRedundency in recording t-shirts and hoodies! Thinking inside the box Kartents Team:Power : We will provide you with the AC power Fresh Hoodies and T-shirts: get your SHA-themed hoodies and t-shirts now!


Food, drinks and vla! Information about the food and drink options. More info on the food trucks, the vegan and vegetarian food choices


Remaining tickets & Ticketshop Last possible order dates
Scalability limitations: Buy your ticket soon, 650 remaining!
Extra batch tickets became avaidable
Amount of tickets sold
Paying it forward


One hackers failed project is another's awesome win!Hack-n-swap o rama
Badge: work in progress
ALTPWR: the microgrid project
SHA2017 Badge Stretch goals!
SHA2017 Capture the flag
Talk announcement: The SHA2017 badge (The badge is a go!)
Badge need help

Speaker Highlights

Proudly announcing: The SHA2017 talk schedule
Workshop announcement: Human Rights Foundation, Flashdrives for Freedom
Talk announcement: Off Grid: Disclosing your 0days in a videogame mod
Talk announcement: The Hackeboy handheld game console
Talk Highlight: Resisting Algorithms of Mass Destruction
Talk highlight: "DNA: the code of life" & "Human body as an electric IO system"
Talk announcement: The SHA2017 badge (The badge is a go!)
Talk announcement: Data exploitation: how your digital doppelganger has been exploiting you all along
Talk announcements: Social Enterprises & Activism / Adventures in Spearphishing
Talk announcement: One map to map them all
Talk announcement: SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO?
Talk announcement: How hackers could have hacked all Dutch elections since 2009


SHA-Decoration build-day: Paint the town SHA2017
vilages update
Family Village: yes you can bring your parents to SHA2017
April fools joke