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I was wondering if there was any Carpooling page for SHA2017 and someone told me to create it on the Wiki, so let's go :)

If you want to go to SHA2017 by car and have extra seats for other nice hackers from your Area ! You can offer your spare seats !

If this page is a mess we'll think about how to organize it geographically ;)

Announce Creation

Driver Announce

Name City of departure Free seats Departure date Trunk size Contact Additional information
You schiphol airport 1 03/08 10pm Small
lubro Munich up to 3 02/08 / 03/08 Small(VW Polo) passing Nuernberg, Frankfurt and many other Citys
phy Marburg (Hesse, DE) up to 2 morning of 02/08 Small sha2017 [(a)] 0x21 [.] biz over Siegen and Ruhr district
raboof Deventer 3 morning of 3/8 small
THD Amsterdam up to 2 Thursday 2017-08-03 19:00 medium sha2017 [at]
rnbwdsh Linz (AT) 2 morning of 3/8 not much left vogl91 [at] gmail Passing by Passau, Straubing, Regensburg, Nürmberg, Würzburg, Bonn, Köln, Düsseldorf, Essen, Arnheim....


Looking for a ride to HAMBURG on tuesday (8.8.) contact via twitter @thecakedesk

Looking for a ride Berlin to SHA ((3./4.) and back (7.)- pgy (contact [weird a] peggy-sylopp [normal punctuation mark] net)

Looking for a rides Hamburg->SHA and SHA->Copenhagen! - krav (kristoffer [weird a] microdisko [normal punctuation mark] no)

I'm looking for someone to move my small tent and sleeping bag from London to camp. - Glen
I'm looking for a ride from Berlin to camp by the 29th - Glen

I am in Amsterdam and am looking for a ride to the camping location. Not sure how to leave my contact info? - Anina
Also from Amsterdam. Have arranged a car... Contact me via sha2017 [at] - THD

I am looking for a ride from the Luzern/Zurich Area. (

I am looking for a ride from SHA to Bremen on 8.8. or 9.8.... drsinnlos [weird a] riseup [normal punctuation mark] net