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Cluster Name

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also: jssmk @ freenode

Description Nordic countries village cluster
Total Floorspace requested by villages 250 m²
preferred Location 52° 17' 0", 5° 31' 34"
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Seems like we've been re-designated a bit more south by the organizers, so the marker position has been changed accordingly. The old preferred location is now reserved for Foodhackingbase and others. See the map for more details:


Trying to connect old neighbors from CCCamp15!

Ping: Labitat, Hackeriet, Baconsvin, Norwegian Embassy etc... And all Nordic hackerspace people :)

Please join the mailing list so we can make plans for this camp.

Our plans so far:

  • Finnish village can now confirm there will be a mobile sauna in the village. --> this means that the location of the village (and therefore the cluster) should be somewhere close to any of the showers.
  • Copenhagen plans a 5m diameter dome, but this is not confirmed yet (we have gotten materials and will attempt, and most likely succeed in getting it raised ;-))
  • Swedish embassy plans to have a kitchen, Finland could probably join in that as well, if we get some kitchenware delivered on site
  • a Midsommarstång will be placed in middle of the villages

The layout plan as for 20170721 Layout plan 20170729

Location: see the map

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