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Pixelflut is basically an "open canvas" game, where everybody can draw single pixels via a TCP/IP based ASCII protocol. The Basic usage is:

"PX x y RRGGBB(AA)\n"

where the "PX" starts the ASCII sequence, x is the X-coordinate and the y is the Y-coordinate. The color is expressed in a html-alike form, in HEX-numbers.

Example: telnet 1234 "PX 42 42 C0FFEE\n"

With this you will change the pixel located at 42,42 to the color turquoise ( C0 = RR = 192, FF = GG = 255, EE = BB = 238). By doing that more then once with different colors at different positions you can start drawing stuff on the pixelflut server. There is not much example code on the internet as the DIY part of pixelflut is a essential thing. Pixelflut is not just an amazing game, it also is a great opportunity to learn how to code. Once you are drawing nice effects, animations or images to the server, you will see that you are not the only one doing that. Well now its time to get more efficient, have fun ;).

Usually there are a few more commands:

size returns the screen size.

PX x y\n returns the color of the given position.

help returns the help section.

Usefull links:

Pixelflut recording EH14 http://vimeo.com/92827556

Infopage with code: https://cccgoe.de/wiki/Pixelflut

Thanks for JanHenrik for this information ;-)

PROBLEMS? CALL 4243 (fridgefire) or 7931 (FriedZombie)