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No reverse current diode on motor

Sorry, we forgot. Please don't PWM the motor. Transistor is too slow anyway and it will heat up without the diode. You can place a reverse current diode if you want too. We brought some to the event, visit us at the badge-tent if you really need one and can't find one.

Full power LEDs while on USB reduces charging current

When the LEDs are on 100%, they might heat up the USB fuse and reduce the charging current when the badge is plugged in. This is fine, as the fuse will reset when it cools down

Hot resistor R30 during charging

At full charging current, R30 will heat up as it dissipates 1/8 to 1/4 Watt. This is intended

Battery in sunlight will not charge

If the rear side of the badge is left in direct sunlight, the battery might heat up enough for the thermal protection to kick in and disable charging