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Exact name Tesla Hacking - Adding autopilot
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Description We will try to add autopilot features to a pre-AP Tesla Model S
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Persons working on Askarel, Mastrogippo, ZombB

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Tags tesla
Located at village Village:ItalianEmbassy
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After the talk on DIY autonomous driving, we will try to add autopilot features to a pre-AP Tesla Model S. The goal would be to win the $5100 prize from

A level 2 autopilot system does basically two things: it keeps the car in the middle of the lane and it controls the speed of the car by keeping distance from the next one (standard TACC, traffic aware cruise control). In the prototyping phase, these problems may be tackled separately.

Controlling steering

- says that "Steering controller can be commanded over CAN on all Model S.". I couldn't find any documentation about this, and I'm not 100% sure that this is the case for the older models too.

- There's a DBC descriptor here:

- A simple alternative approach, that may not qualify for the bounty, would be

Adding TACC functionality

- I ordered a Mercedes radar sensor A0009051302, we can try to reverse engineer it.

- Do you have an automotive radar? Bring it!

- The cleanest approach would be to reverse the cruise control and implement logic to set the speed based on the radar input via CAN.

- Early Model S should not have brake actuators; a complete system would need to implement something like this:

- For the prototype, using the regenerative braking feature of the car should be sufficient; an audible alarm may be fired if the braking power is not enough and the driver needs to take action.

- Another option may be this approach:


- Car will be jacked during tests

- Emergency stop buttons will cut power to the additional device, that will end up in a failsafe state.

  • Will you come to the camp on a Tesla? Help by letting us studying the differences between models in a non-invasive, safe way! :)
  • Schematics and service manuals for the car will be shared with participants ¯\_(:D)_/¯
  • Car is sponsored by