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Exact name WhatTheHelmet workshop
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Description Make a boring hard hat into an object of utter coolness! This is a fun, hands-on workshop for anyone over 13 (if younger, bring a parent or other adult) who wants to make their own super cool steampunky helmet.
You'll be working with hot glue and paint, so dress for the occasion.

If you are crafty at all, and like shiny things, this workshop is for you.

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Tags paint, workshop, helmet, creative, hardware
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Life in general, and hacking in particular, can be dangerous! Protect yourself from falling objects, flying drones and gamma rays... but do it in style. Come and join us to create one of these ultimately cool and geeky helmets. Whatever comes at you, you'll be able to think 'What the hell, I'm protected.'

Your finished WhatTheHelmet will look like pewter, rusty iron, bronze or copper. It can have your name or other adornments. If you want, you can add LEDs or other electronics (bring them!) Above all, it will be one of a kind and it can still be worn.

Participating in this workhop costs €5, which covers the materials (including the helmet). There is a break during which we'll let the paint dry.

Date and time: Augustus 7, 22:15
Location: Workshop tent Tau

Are you joining us? There is room for 20 participants. Please add your nick to the list below.

  1. Kartoffel (DECT 6435)
  2. Boekenwuurm
  3. Rasmis
  4. You?