Session:Monitoring Government Surveillance Capabilities by means of Transparency tools

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Description This project is a concept to exploit the availability of public procurement data sets, required by anticorruption transparency laws, to discover government surveillance capabilities.

We'll present early findings of a mixed-strategy approach, based on transparency and privacy activism, to uncover government capabilities analyzing procurement data of Ministry of Interior, Justice and Defense that are allowed by law to buy and use surveillance products and services.

This project will present manifold outcomes, such as the mapping of surveillance capabilities, expenditures, governmental project code names, providers and peculiar participants of surveillance related tenders.

The project will move forward exploiting the new FOIA laws by asking for:
- all invoices of each company that we found out selling surveillance technologies to the government
- all technical and economic offers of all the contractors related to surveillance technologies

In this way, we’ll try to shed light on the use of surveillance technologies providing a public database of knowledgeable information that can help to hold governments accountable for violations of human rights.

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