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  • Village:TheDropBearsRevenge  + (A village for any Aussies/Kiwis at SHA2017.)
  • Cluster:Snowden  + (Added by Team:Villages for placement of small villages.)
  • Session:Races with the do-it-yourselfdriving cars + beer  + (After building and programming do-it-yourself-driving cars in the 3 o'clock sessions, there'll be races with the do-it-yourself-driving cars + beer.)
  • Lightning:Elphel OpenHardware Cameras  + (Alexandre G. Poltorak (aka polto) is a Fre
    Alexandre G. Poltorak (aka polto) is a Free Software and GNU/Linux expert. He has founded his first FOSS company in Geneva, Switzerland in 1999, and since then he has formed many specialists within Free Software community and actively participated in He is also member of the board of LSM ( Alexandre has largely contributed in partnership network of professionals around FOSS creating new companies & products and has developed many new ideas. Having an in-house experience of Elphel's hardware, Alexandre recently developed his own comprehensive product - 3D4π - a fully integrated panoramic & stereo-photogrammetry solution which enables creation of geo-referenced panoramas and 3D point-clouds based on Elphel Eyesis-4π & PHG camera series. Alexandre's role, at Elphel, is to promote Elphel's business model, and to build up solid and productive relations with Universities, FOSS community & partner networks. Hobbies: advanced knowledge in blockchain technology and 22 years of practice in traditional Karate, Alexandre holds a 3rd Dan.
    practice in traditional Karate, Alexandre holds a 3rd Dan.)
  • Session:Free Software in the Dutch public sector  + (Almost 15 years ago now the Dutch governme
    Almost 15 years ago now the Dutch government first officially commited to adopting open source software. But what has come of that? Spoiler alert: very little! Especially compared to other countries. That's why it is a recurring theme in politics, as policy does not result in change. In this presentation I'll dig deep and highlight the projects that do meet that initial goal of open source adoption.
    that initial goal of open source adoption.)
  • Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa  + (Amalgam Assembly of awesome Austrian Hackspaces)
  • Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule  + (An alternative future perspective)
  • Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule  + (An experimental show mire info [[Darf das wirklich Radio machen - Eine Radioethische Betrachtung|here]])
  • Cluster:Sirius Cybernetics Corporation  + (An intergalactic conglomerate of slackers, hackers, makers, united under the motto "Share and Enjoy")
  • Session:Freedombox installfest  + (An introduction to FreedomBox, a 100% free
    An introduction to FreedomBox, a 100% free software self-hosting web server to deploy social applications on small machines. It provides online communication tools respecting your privacy and data ownership. If you bring your own single board computer (think Raspberry Pi) you can join the installfest and go home with your own FreedomBox. Otherwise install it on a virtual machine, or just join in to help others and share the experience.
    n to help others and share the experience.)
  • Village:Future Shells of Skullerud  + (Anti-nationalists still self-identifying as northerners! Ⓐ Everyone welcome!)
  • Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule  + (Anything is possible in the Graveyard Shift! This episode features originals of famous songs.)
  • Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule  + (Anything is possible in the Graveyard Shift! This episode features "weird" songs.)
  • Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule  + (Anything is possible in the Graveyard Shift! This episode features (hard)rock songs.)
  • Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule  + (Anything is possible in the Graveyard Shift! This episode features songs I like best.)
  • Session:MadTeaParty  + (Artists and rabbits join for madness and tea, in a cozy corner yet to be found. Feel free to bring tea and your fancy hat.)
  • Session:SolarBot  + (Assemble your own solar car by following s
    Assemble your own solar car by following simple instructions. Workshop for kids starting at age 6 and up. Workshops will happen on regular basis in Village:BEECreative (Olsen field) Day 2 : 11:00 - 12:00 Day 3 : 14:00 - 15:00 and 17:00 - 18:00 Day 4 : 13:00 - 14:00
    00 and 17:00 - 18:00 Day 4 : 13:00 - 14:00)
  • Village:Squatters United  + (Band of stragglers and misfits, with no forethought or organisational skills. We didn't have the pre-planning to make or join a village longer than two days before SHA.)
  • Projects:BinaryVoice  + (BinaryVoice has been the Dutch (and partia
    BinaryVoice has been the Dutch (and partially German) radio station on the major camps since 2009. We've had a few name changes based every event, but the core always remained the same people :) If you want to be part of this awesome project, please see Team/Vacancies for all the info.
    lease see Team/Vacancies for all the info.)
  •  + (Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain technologies
    Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain technologies, the crypto-economics are going to transform the world. We are creating programmable money. Money that have all proprieties we are looking for. ICOs are great way of funding Free Software project, but sadly now-days most of the ICOs are useless bullshit ponzi schemes. We have created an Ethereum ERC20 compatible token - the bullshit token. Our goal is to revolutionize the economy of appreciation by quantifying the invaluable, namely, bullshit. We want to provide an opportunity for people to express themselves by spending their BSH tokens on the bullshit they come across. We imagine a future where much value will come from being able to view the amount of bullshit associated with a project or online entity. We are working on a Proof-of-Bullshit decentralized consensus algorithm to ensure that the recipient addresses marked with Bullshit are marked on-chain as bullshit forever.
    t are marked on-chain as bullshit forever.)
  • Village:BlinkenArea  + (Blinking stuff and some electronics kits for sale.)
  • Lightning:Hack Blockchains  + (Blockchains are now hitting the big time.
    Blockchains are now hitting the big time. It started with Bitcoin, but the rabbit hole goes much deeper. Blockchains allow for an uncensorable, always available, slow irreversable, global transactional database. Big companies are going in big time. Governments get left in the dust. So if hackers get bored with Cloud, start hacking blockchains.
    red with Cloud, start hacking blockchains.)
  • Village:Hippocampus  + (Brain and cognition hacking)
  • Village:Area42  + (Bringing the shed on vacation since HAL.. Everytime a bigger shed.)
  • Village:Bristol Hackspace  + (Bristol Hackspace, MK Makerspace, a bit of Notts and elsewhere...)
  • Session:Build & Program your own do-it-your-selfdriving car  + (Build & Program your own do-it-your-selfdriving car.)
  • Session:Z-Uno  + (Build you own home automation device based on Z-Wave technology with Z-Uno developing board.)
  • Session:Build your own Synthesizer  + (Build your own Arduino-based synthesizer)
  • Village:PancakeVillage  + (Bunch of CYSO nerds. We love hacking, games, Arduino's, VR, drones, 3D-printing and beer. And more beer. Did we mention beer enough times?)
  • Village:Campers  + (Bunch of colleagues camping out @ SHA)
  • Village:Moose  + (Bunch of geeks sharing a story about moose (or possibly meese).)
  • Village:osso  + (Bunch of like-minded ppl with tech background. We'll do something fun and will get back to you once we figure out what that is.)
  • Village:tinoobs  + (Bunch of mates. Not really noobs. We think.)
  • Session:BurnerConnect  + (Burners of SHA - let's meet!)
  • Village:133713pwnies  + (CTF team)
  • Projects:Calliope  + (Calliope makes it easy for kids and also adults to learn how programming works and to get in touch with electronics. We will some boards with us and will offer on demand workshops.)
  • Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule  + (Cancelled :()
  • Session:Introduction to Mozilla ChangeCopyright  + (ChangeCopyright è la campagna europea di Mozilla per sensibilizzare gli utenti riguardo l'uso di internet e sul materiale che condividono in rete. Slide:
  • Cluster:ChaosWest  + (Chaos-West is a loose group of Hackerspaces from midwest Germany. We usualy join the individual villages or assemblies to a bigger cluster.)
  • Session:ChaosWest Soundscape  + (ChaosWest provides a stage with PA, DJ equipment and lighting where DJs and other musicians can make/play music. More info to come.)
  • Village:ctdo  + (Chaostreff Dortmund)
  • Projects:SHAtRoulette  + (Chat roulette on the SHA2017 DECT and VOIP network)
  • Cluster:Foodies  + (Cluster dedicated to the ones into food, drinks and bio.)
  • Session:Missing Maps Marathon: validation  + (Come help map Malawi, and validate the work of other mappers)
  • Session:Salmiakki tasting  + (Come taste ammonium chloride in solid and liquid forms!)
  • Projects:Lego Train Hacking  + (Come to the T-shaped Northwave tent on the
    Come to the T-shaped Northwave tent on the back of the Torvalds field (near the water) to compete in a SCADA lego train hacking challenge. Are you able to complete a set of three hacks to lay waste to our Dutch Lego Railways system? If you succeed you've hacked yourself to a 'free' bottle of Club Mate from our custom vending machine. Besides lego hacking, it is also possible to hack our auto mate: P.S. Don't forget to bring your laptop
    ng P.S. Don't forget to bring your laptop)
  • Session:CineMeh  + (Come watch movies with us, at village Yolo
    Come watch movies with us, at village Yolocation's CineMeh, the only SHA2017 outdoors cinema cobbled together with ducttape and bedsheets. tonight (the 5th of August) we'll be showing: 22:00 - Hackers 00:00 - V for Vendetta the 6th of August we'll be showing: 2200: Office space 0000: Tron The 7th of August we'll be showing: 2200: Groundhog day 0000: Groundhog day As we are limited in seating, please bring your own chair, and BYOB.
    ng, please bring your own chair, and BYOB.)
  • Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule  + (Commenting on closing ceremony . .)
  • Session:Morse Code workshop  + (Communicate by morse code. De morse key has to made by your self. All materials are available and included in the workshop. number of participants 7 (at once) last workshop 7/8/17 15:00 lt)
  • Projects:Freifunk  + (Community wireless projects in Germany and beyond)