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A list of all pages that have property "Has description" with value "the cluster around milliways". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Session:meetup ethereum & concept art  + (transdisciplinary brainstorming and idea exchange on smart contracts, social transformation and tools for a new world. In an art activist perspective it seems that ethereum brings a mindblowing next level to a lot of thoughts.)
  • Session:Do Music/Sounds for fun  + (try to make 1song)
  • Village:v01d  + (v01d village is home to a collection of people from different ERFAs and hackerspaces plus a bunch of freelancers. we will -- as usual -- run workshops, provide space for workshops, throw a party and set up our dome. "v01d is the new shit")
  • Village:Geraffel  + (veteran nerds at it's best)
  • Session:LEVELZ-23  + (we will play aggro drum and bass, if you'r
    we will play aggro drum and bass, if you're not familiar with the style - please come and talk to us come on down and get your levels checked howling encouraged -- STRICTLY NO MCs -- MCs on rotation^H^Hmushrooms: - MC Ruinit - MC Don't bother - MC Tryharder - MC Escher
    MC Don't bother - MC Tryharder - MC Escher)
  • Village:wehost  + ( are an Amsterdam based group that enjoy hosting shared services for public use and helping others to deploy decentralised and federated services.)
  • Session:Silent Disco  + (ᕕ(⌐■◞ ■)ᕗ with headphones)
  • Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule  + (‘Radio Barbren’ - Hacker tales outside Safe Harbour)
  • Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule  + (‘Radio Barbren’ - Hacker tales outside Safe Harbour)
  • Session:Git from the inside  + (“Detached head” and "Non-fast-forward push
    “Detached head” and "Non-fast-forward push denied" - (error)messages in git are not always easy to understand and often lead to cargo cult ( I'll show you how "git sees the world". You'll know to speak to git in its own language. No prior knowledge of git required!
    uage. No prior knowledge of git required!)
  • Session:Mesh Networks in Brasil  + (“Free Digital Territories” is an artistica
    “Free Digital Territories” is an artistical research project focusing the exchange of the work by free network communities in Brazil and Germany. 2017 we spoke to people active in free WiFi communities as the Casa dos Meninos Sao Paulo, where mesh networks support also education, the COOLAB which is funded by Mozilla to bring the idea forward, the Sempreviva Organização Feminista (SOF) is planning a Meshnetwork, to support farmer women in Vale do Rebeira, the NGO „Article 19“, which is engaged for the expression of free speach. And we spoke to Flávia Lefèvre, member of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee, who esplained us the situation of internet in Brasil. In this talk I want to give you a summary about the meetings and our further plans. Time: Day 3 @2pm Duration: 30min
    r plans. Time: Day 3 @2pm Duration: 30min)