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Is it allowed to swim in the water on the terrain?

Yes you can swim in the pond that has Griet Titulair island in it, and in the harbor (please not near the pier!) or at the beach near Engelbart field.

The other ponds are not for swimming because of the terrains irrigation system that is in those ponds (tube's and such)

Be careful when swimming out of the harbor or the Engelbart beach: the Nuldernauw is very wide, very deep and very cold. Also there might be currents you are not expecting and boats on the water that won't notice you until they hear 'bonk'.

Please note, that there's a ferry in operation. It crosses the bathing / canoeing area left to the pier at its end alongside the shoreline (in parallel for a short time). Due to limited maneuvering capabilities of the ferry it is very dangerous to swim there.