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A (frequently) asked question, and its answer.

Where to put it

Put an Appnote-item in:

As this is a semantic wiki, the questions and their answers you write on these pages will be queried and shown on other pages.


Fill each FAQ-set with this template:

|q=(short question; do not use | [ ] = )
|a=(if you know this)
|tags=(relevant labels you can think of, comma separated)
|link=(a URL for more information)
|status=(one of these: suggestion/draft/good for now/finalised)


As described above, you can set a status. They mean the following:

suggestion we should do something with this
draft preliminary answer from team member
good for now this is the answer we have as a team, given the current knowledge. But it will probably be updated.
finalised the team thinks this answer won't change

I don't get it

If you have questions about this Appnote format, please mail Projects:Badge.