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Arrival 2017/08/03 18:00
Departure 2017/08/08 16:00

Bringing Talks & help in coordinating ItalianEmbassy@SHA2017 self-organized events
Village Village:ItalianEmbassy
Working on
Twitter @calamarim
DECT 3614, 3616
Callsign +7cdb

Marco Calamari a.k.a. Cassandra.

Born 1955, at age 18 needed to decide if buy an used car or a pc; his choice was the pc and since then has not yet fully recovered.
Graduated cum laude at Pisa University Ph. D. in nuclear engineering, he works as a legacy code archeologist in a big multinational company, but is passionate about privacy & cryptography on Internet and does advocacy & contributions on FOSS software projects like Freenet, Mixmaster, Mixminion, Tor & GlobaLaks.
Is the founder of PWS - Progetto Winston Smith and amongst founders and fellow of Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights.
Since 2002 he organize yearly in Florence and other Italian cities the "e-privacy" congress on privacy & transparency issues in digital age.
Writes about Matrix issues both in ICT and generalist newspapers and magazines; he is columnist at "Punto Informatico" where from 2005 writes the "Cassandra Crossing" weekly column.

You can probably find me at Italian Embassy, at 3614 or 3616 DECT camp extension, at @calamarim on Twitter, or if everything fails via mail at