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Generated SHA Flag with Name (experiment here)
Arrival 2017/08/03 12:00
Departure 2017/08/08 10:00
BuildupVehicle No
Bringing arduino, rasp pi, wifi/radio hacking stuff, lock picking stuff, beer, rum (arrrr) ...
Village Village:1838, Village:Foodhackingbase
Working on
Twitter @der_frigge
DECT 3744 (FRGG)


my name is frigge (a.k.a. the captain). I'm part of the village 1838, a smaller group from düsseldorf, germany and the closer region. I'm interested in playing with arduino, trying to find useful usages for my rasp pi, all stuff which goes through the air (wifi, bluetooth, radio, sdr) and lock picking. On the sha camp I'll try the food hacking base for the first time. If you like to contact me, use twitter or just give me a call on dect 3744 (FRGG).

c u in zeewolde!