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Arrival 2017/08/03 19:00
Departure 2017/08/09 10:00
BuildupVehicle No
Bringing Myself, PhilSwinbank, soot chucker, tent, 'lectric coolbox, power, etherweb, Euro's, GSOH, sleeping bag, some pi's and other associated junk
Village Village:Bristol Hackspace
Working on

Bringing myself and others from the East Midlands UK. I help to run a hack/maker space in Milton Keynes, UK. If you are in the area feel free to pay us a visit and get your hackport stamped (we'll find something to do it with) Have helped out extensively at EMF 2014 and 2016. If you have never volunteered during a hack type camp, do it. It can be extremely rewarding as you get to meet lots of people.