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This is the public wiki for SHA2017. Note that there is an orga wiki, but that one's mainly for the core organisers with all the inside yadda yadda about managing the position of the bar, flow of visitors, size of t-shirts and our collaboration with the NSA. Above all, it's designed so it stays up in the heat of the event, while your user-contributions on this wiki might crash it due to popularity.

Governance on this wiki

You as a visitor are welcome to add and edit pages on your favourite subject. The goals:

  • get as much information from the 'core' organisers about the event out as fast as possible
  • let projects flourish

Some pages, mainly the top pages you can find in the side menu, are protected. That means only the wiki maintainers can edit this wiki

Who maintains this wiki?

A wild team of volunteers, that is: some people from teams sysadmin, communication, infodesk banded together.

What if I lost my login details?

If you can, try resetting your password. Else, do you really need that specific username? All users have the same rights anyway.

Where can I send feedback?

Best you contact Team Info,