Manning Field

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Field Name Manning Field

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Generated SHA Flag (experiment here)
Occupation 6 %
Maximum loudness allowed 8
Named after Chelsea Manning

Registered Villages

Page Name Description Website
Village:3Cytryny 3Cytryny,
Village:Brigadoon Br1gad00n A small scottish village.... no, in fact, a village of people from more or less the middle of Germany, associated with the CCC Goettingen - plus friends & family. We'll have a bit of common infrastructure and there'll often be nice and friendly people around, so feel free to come by and have a chat!
Village:C4outpost C4outpost like on the last camp, outpost of cologne ccc
Village:Chaos Bodensee Chaos Bodensee Various people from different hackerspaces / organisations located at or near lake constance
Village:Poflove Poflove We are Povlove, stop by and eat poffertjes (Dutch pancakes) with us!
Village:Solderfriends Solderfriends ham radio, 3d printing, tool hacking
Village:SummerOfPwnage Summer of Pwnage Summer of Pwnage / Securify goes SHA!,
Village:TheDropBearsRevenge TheDropBearsRevenge A village for any Aussies/Kiwis at SHA2017.
Village:blup blup A bunch of friends having a good time.
Village:rootfs rootfs rootfs - all paths lead to root|-