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Exact name Popcorn for brain reserach fundraising
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Description A Blinken-light overloaded, AC/DC blasting, TiLDA Mkπ badge enabled popcorn machine. All proceeds from sales are donated to the brain research fund.
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Tags ADHD, Charity, hersenstichting
Located at village Village:Family Village, Village:Another Castle
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The main goal of this project is to raise awareness about mental health, specifically AD(H)D and autism spectrum disorders, which are both more common in this community than at population at large. Secondary goal is to raise funds for the, or "Brain foundation" a Dutch brain research and mental health care foundation. Please do not confuse it with the, who are a bunch of rabid weasels the dutch copyright mafia. And third goal, well, popcorn, lots and lots of popcorn...

Brain resources

General mental health


Autism spectrum disorder

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