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Exact name RaZberry
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Description RaZberry brings Z-Wave to the Raspberry PI platform. Z-Wave is the leading wireless communication technology for smart homes. Raspberry Pi is a little and inexpensive computing platform the international developer community fell in love with. The RaZberry platform adds all the components needed to turn a Raspberry PI board into a fully operational and inexpensive Z-Wave gateway.
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Persons working on Aivs, Flokli, P0lyg0n, PoltoS

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Tags Z-Wave, RaZberry, DIY, raspberry pi, IoT
Located at village Village:Z-Wave
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RaZberry hardware communicates with the Z-Way stack using the serial interface. The Z-Way software organizes and manages the Z-Wave network and its devices and offers a simple to use and simple to understand User Interfaces hiding most of the complexity of the Z-Wave wireless network. The Z-Way API allows to write own Applications and Designs on top of the stable Z-Way protocol stack.

Few features about RaZberry and Z-Way:

  • Full Z-Wave based Smart Home Gateway
  • Network management (Include, Exclude, Reorganize)
  • Device interview and configuration
  • Management of direct associations between devices
  • Sensor access and polling
  • Operating actors and access actors status
  • Automation engine with rules, scripts and timers with scripts in JavaScript
  • Job queue management
  • Tested against Raspbian OS
  • Implements Z-Wave Network controller based on SDK 6.716.51 or 4.54
  • Offers a native C level API plus web based JSON API
  • Local scripting based on Google Java Script Engine V8
  • Optimized data subscription model to minimize data traffic over the net
  • Localization based on XML language files