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Exact name FPV Drone Race
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Description Our goal is to introduce FPV drone racing to all participants of sha2017!
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Persons working on Amir, BramJM, Christi, DarkRiver, Duckson, Lorphos, Ove, Rowan8k

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Tags Fun, Project, drone, sport, awesome
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race drone

Why a drone race?

Drone racing is the new "F1" but way more awesome! We would like to introduce everyone at sha2017 to this amazing new sport.

What is FPV drone racing?

FPV drone racing is a new sport where multicopters(most of the time quadcopters) fly over a track with a speed up to 120km/h while trying to achieve the fastest times. We fly trough a FPV(first person view) perspective to achieve the best experience and performance. The track contains different obstacles wich decides if it's a fast(lipo killer) or more complicated track.

Who can participate?

Everyone! With a drone capable of flying of course ;)

Technical requirements:

  • The drone needs to be 300mm or smaller
  • 5.8Ghz video transmission capable of 25mw
  • failsafe set

Everyone can help!

We can use all the help we can get, if you want to get involved in this project or if you have questions you can contact me trough:


Who brings what:

  • Amir: 2x Forza Gates, 1x Turnflag, 1x UAVP-NG flag
  • Duckson: 3x home made PVC gates
  • DarkRiver: 2x Graupner FAI 3,7m Gates, 1x Gemfan Gate
  • Christi: A race lap time measurement tool
  • ove: 5x Graupner Popup Gates


The red zone at Alexander field(see picture)

drone race location