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  • Village:tinoobs  + (Bunch of mates. Not really noobs. We think.)
  • Session:BurnerConnect  + (Burners of SHA - let's meet!)
  • Village:133713pwnies  + (CTF team)
  • Projects:Calliope  + (Calliope makes it easy for kids and also adults to learn how programming works and to get in touch with electronics. We will some boards with us and will offer on demand workshops.)
  • Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule  + (Cancelled :()
  • Session:Introduction to Mozilla ChangeCopyright  + (ChangeCopyright è la campagna europea di Mozilla per sensibilizzare gli utenti riguardo l'uso di internet e sul materiale che condividono in rete. Slide:
  • Cluster:ChaosWest  + (Chaos-West is a loose group of Hackerspaces from midwest Germany. We usualy join the individual villages or assemblies to a bigger cluster.)
  • Session:ChaosWest Soundscape  + (ChaosWest provides a stage with PA, DJ equipment and lighting where DJs and other musicians can make/play music. More info to come.)
  • Village:ctdo  + (Chaostreff Dortmund)
  • Projects:SHAtRoulette  + (Chat roulette on the SHA2017 DECT and VOIP network)
  • Cluster:Foodies  + (Cluster dedicated to the ones into food, drinks and bio.)
  • Session:Missing Maps Marathon: validation  + (Come help map Malawi, and validate the work of other mappers)
  • Session:Salmiakki tasting  + (Come taste ammonium chloride in solid and liquid forms!)
  • Projects:Lego Train Hacking  + (Come to the T-shaped Northwave tent on the
    Come to the T-shaped Northwave tent on the back of the Torvalds field (near the water) to compete in a SCADA lego train hacking challenge. Are you able to complete a set of three hacks to lay waste to our Dutch Lego Railways system? If you succeed you've hacked yourself to a 'free' bottle of Club Mate from our custom vending machine. Besides lego hacking, it is also possible to hack our auto mate: P.S. Don't forget to bring your laptop
    ng P.S. Don't forget to bring your laptop)
  • Session:CineMeh  + (Come watch movies with us, at village Yolo
    Come watch movies with us, at village Yolocation's CineMeh, the only SHA2017 outdoors cinema cobbled together with ducttape and bedsheets. tonight (the 5th of August) we'll be showing: 22:00 - Hackers 00:00 - V for Vendetta the 6th of August we'll be showing: 2200: Office space 0000: Tron The 7th of August we'll be showing: 2200: Groundhog day 0000: Groundhog day As we are limited in seating, please bring your own chair, and BYOB.
    ng, please bring your own chair, and BYOB.)
  • Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule  + (Commenting on closing ceremony . .)
  • Session:Morse Code workshop  + (Communicate by morse code. De morse key has to made by your self. All materials are available and included in the workshop. number of participants 7 (at once) last workshop 7/8/17 15:00 lt)
  • Projects:Freifunk  + (Community wireless projects in Germany and beyond)
  • Village:Labitat  + (Copenhagen hackerspace)
  • Cluster:Lamarr South  + (Created by Team:Villages to group some smaller/medium villages)
  • Cluster:Manning  + (Created by Team:Villages to group some smaller/medium villages)
  • Cluster:Wozniak  + (Created by Team:Villages to group some smaller/medium villages.)
  • Cluster:Rhodes  + (Created by Team:Villages to group some villages in one spot. All Villages here should be related to the Family-Village.)
  • Cluster:Turing  + (Created by Team:Villages to group some villages and save time on drawing map-outlines.)
  • Cluster:LamarrNorthWest  + (Created by Team:Villages to group some villages in one spot.)
  • Village:BEECreative  + (Creative stuff with youngsters)
  • Lightning:Live cryptocurrency Bitcoin market manipulation (for fun and profit)  + (Cryptocurrencies are risky and volatile. M
    Cryptocurrencies are risky and volatile. My recommendation to you - unless you know you are doing - invest in BTC and ETH but avoid day trading, that consumes too much energy... Here we an amazing example - I got stuck with some worthless coins. Let's pump the market together... Promise to print as many $10 paper wallets and spread the crypto wealth. Here is the example coin:
    le coin:
  • Session:Cryptokids workshop for kids  + (Cryptokids workshop for kids)
  • Session:ELI5 + Fears and Hopes about Data and Society  + (DATACTIVE: ELI5 + Fears and Hopes about Data and Society. Opening of the box of fears and hopes of Datafication.)
  • Village:Baloon Captains  + (Dane's with alot of stuff, and alot of fun.)
  • Projects:Badge  + (Design, manufacture and distribute a badge for every SHA2017 visitor. The badge will enrich the event by delivering useful information to visitors, and be a great developing platform.)
  • Village:Riscufefe  + (Despite the constant negative press riscufefe Who can figure out the true meaning of "riscufefe" ??? Enjoy!)
  • Session:Mobile World  + (Digital forensics could be very challengin
    Digital forensics could be very challenging when you need to work with mobile devices. They are far more difficult to investigate than PCs or Macs, and, at the same time, they are connected with many different cloud services. We’ll talk about new extraction and analysis programs, as well as cloud technologies
    is programs, as well as cloud technologies)
  • Session:The future of digital security education - developing sustainable, continuous learning approaches  + (Digital security trainings play a very imp
    Digital security trainings play a very important role in securing activists and human rights defenders and increasing the efficiency of their work while they use the internet. However, a lot of the time, face-to-face security trainings are hard to organise, conduct and follow-up post training. Over the last several years, we have seen a variety of community developed toolkits, guides and other resources that help aid security trainers educating the human rights community on how to protect themselves and their peers from the multiple threats they face. As technology rapidly evolves, the digital threat landscape evolves with it. Digital security tools and tactics go outdated pretty quickly and it is becoming extremely important to create new sustainable approaches to help human rights defenders stay updated with the latest, efficient ways to improve their defense and minimise these threats. Some newer initiatives such as and are trying to improve the efficiency of online learning by applying some of the best practices from traditional forms of online education such as MOOCs(massive open online course) and interactive testing methods to digital security trainings aimed towards the activist community. This session aims to engage with rights activists, digital security trainers and other thought leaders from the community to discuss and help develop the future of digital security trainings, with focus on offline and online methods/techniques that can be combined to create a training environment that encourages better community engagement, helps build a continuous learning environment and increases knowledge retention.
    ronment and increases knowledge retention.)
  • Session:Discussion about alternative social media/reasons why they aren't replacing mainstream social media and what we can do about it  + (Discussion about alternative social media/reasons why they aren't replacing mainstream social media and what we can do about it (e1k))
  • Session:General Data Protection Regulation  + (Diskussion über die EU Datenschutzgrundverordnung)
  • Lightning:Legal history of cannabis in the US  + (Do you know who is making profit from so-called "war on drugs"?)
  • Projects:Dolphin Wii/GameCube Emulator  + (Dolphin is the most popular GameCube and W
    Dolphin is the most popular GameCube and Wii emulator and supports all major operating systems. Examples of things to work on: graphics emulation, Qt user interface, just-in-time CPU code recompiler, high-level emulation of DSP microcode, testing on real hardware, and much more~ If you're interested in contributing, want to learn how it works or just want to play some games, come to the Emulator Village and say hi!
    , come to the Emulator Village and say hi!)
  • Session:Drink and Think  + (Drink and Think: Talking about heavy issues in a slightly intoxicated state. Day 1: Theme: Data as commons. Smart citizens in a Smart City. Host: Waag Society. Day 3 Host: Bits of Freedom)
  • Session:OpenStreetMap Mapping Party  + (During the camp, the Maptime village will
    During the camp, the Maptime village will organize a small OpenStreetMap Mapping Party. We will head out into the forests surrounding the camp and see if there is any information we can add to the map. On return in the camp, we will add the data directly to OpenStreetMap using the iD or JOSM editors. Join us if you want to learn how to edit OpenStreetMap, or if you simply would like to have a hike in the nature around the camp.
    have a hike in the nature around the camp.)
  • Session:Cheap SCA with Open Source tools  + (During this workshop in the Riscufefe vill
    During this workshop in the Riscufefe village, security analysts from Riscure will show how Side Channel Analysis techniques work (DPA) with super cheap equipment (less than 60 euro the full setup) and Open Source SCA tools (jlSCA). IMPORTANT: You will get a VM which you can practice what you learned; please bring your own laptop with >15GB of free disk space and VirtualBox installed (with extension package)!!
    rtualBox installed (with extension package)!!)
  • Village:EMF  + (EMF organisers and other various Brits.)
  • Session:Noise  + (Effects of amplified noises on the general sleep behavior of homo sapiens after midnight)
  • Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule  + (Ergens vanaf een lokatie)
  • F-Droid:Pimp your Android(-fork) with the best Free Software apps  + (F-Droid is a powerful client that is desig
    F-Droid is a powerful client that is designed to be resilient against surveillance and censorship. Plus, F-Droid is a Free-Software-App-only repository for Android systems and every Android-based fork. For its competitive character, F-Droid is not available via other "app stores" (like Google Play). You have to download it via your browser once but then it is easy to install and easy to use - and without the need for any account! However, F-Droid also misses any kind of rating system, so the sheer amount of available Free Software apps (2300+) can be overwhelming in the beginning. After a short introduction about Android and the Free Software world, I will demonstrate F-Droid with its anarchic and anti-censorship features. Next, I will come up with the 10 or so most important apps (IMHO!). Finally, I like to open up the stage for you and your favorite F-Droid app. You can explain the app with your words and by showing its webpage. In general, participants are invited to install F-Droid and every demonstrated app during the talk. Bring your own device and let us turn this talk into an interactive one! btw: If you have read a previous version of this talk, I had to change the concept a bit for technical reasons. I like to keep the interactive character, but I think that the previously planned live install presentation is better suited for a two hour-workshop and needs additional equipment.
    r-workshop and needs additional equipment.)
  • Village:FET-FlatEarthTheory  + (FET-FlatEarthTheory_SHA2017 is a small Hackertent by a bunch of Germans, loosly connectet by interests of participation, hacking and havening good days; OpenBench-Policy:Visitors and friends are welcome. Drop in and say hi :-))
  • Village:FUNDANES  + (FUNDANES are a group of Danish friends visiting SHA2017 to have fun. No mundanes, only FUNDANES! We are all from the IT industry, working with security, hosting, development etc. Home of the NYAN 18 LED badge kit.)
  • Village:212  + (Feel free to join.)
  • Projects:Probiotic Drinks Everywhere  + (Fermented drinks made, shared and offered by the group of brewers to the SHA2017 community.)
  • Session:Find the geocache  + (Finding a geocache is fun, finding it together is even more fun. We will gather at Area42 (opposite Kevin the Container) and jointly try to find the geocache. Friday 20:00, Saturday 13:00, Sunday 13:00, Monday 13:00, Tuesday 11:00)