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Arrival 2017/07/26
Departure 2017/08/10

Bringing probiotic beverages and other ferments&cultures
Village Village:Foodhackingbase
Working on Projects:Probiotic Drinks Everywhere, Projects:Fermentation Mobile
Twitter algoldor
DECT 3726
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Algoldor or in full Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck (DECT 3726). I'm a food hacker and biotechnologist travelling the world learning and teaching food&beverage fermentation and discovering the beauty of life! I'm participating in the hacker movement because of it's openness, versatility and potential to improve the life on this planet. I'm promoting the use of ancient arts combining it with the new ones.

I consider myself a kvasir, person fallowing the ancient way of fermentations which is in the same time also very fresh, I'm dedicating part of my life to that. I'm interested also in many other things from experiencing various human cultures around the world by living together with them or at least visiting, to loving nature in its pure form like you can experience in Alaska, Norway or other remote places on everyday bases.

If you want to get in touch, I'm currently studying cider making in Normandie and I would be happy to meet people who feels like we have what to share. You can contact me through Food Hacking Base if you like, that works most efficiently at the moment.