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Family Village
Helium balloons
Person Responsible User:Chris
Status idea
Located at village Village:Family Village Large Playing Field
Age groups
  • 0-3 year
  • 3-6 year
  • 6-9 year
Budget Required 500
Budget Granted None (yet)

Offer flying balloons to youngest children. Inflated with helium.


No direct dependency.

But we are searching for high altitude balloon people. As they can have access to cylinders of helium at low price.

Materials required

- Balloons

- Helium bottles

- String

Materials arranged

User:Chris already have stuff for 58 balloons:

- 2 bottles of 0.42m³.

- 100 latex balloons of 27cm of ø.

One 0.42m³ bottle can inflate around 29 ballons of 27cm ø.


Stuff already bought (personally) is 81.60€ for 2x0.42m³ and 100 balloons on a french web shop

In case we want:

- at least one balloon

- for each < 9 year old children (Question: or < 6 year?)

- for each day

In such case if there is 300 children of maximum 9 years old. (That is an other question: how many children registered concerned by this project?).

We need 900 balloons and 13.03 m³ helium. 31 bottles if we can not find high altitude balloon people. 986€ on a public french web shop.

Howto: Buildup

No complicated thing for buildup. User:Chris will carry 2 bottles and balloons.

Howto: Teardown

No complicated thing for teardown. User:Chris can carry back empty bottles.