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Village Name Family Village Small Playing Field

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Assigned Field Wilson Field
Description Making SHA2017 a wonderful, safe and educational experience for 16-

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Interests family
, children
Registered on 11 May 2017 12:40:45
Hosts self-organized sessions No
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Welcome to the Family Village, a place for camping with your kids. We are currently hard at work with providing basic infrastructure: a field for sleeping, a field for playing, a tent for workshops and one for indoor playing.

Most activities within the Family Village will be coordinates as individual projects. Want to organize something cool for the kids? Create a project so we can track its status!

More information about the village can be found at Cluster:Family Area.


ProjectPerson ResponsibleStatusBudget RequiredBudget GrantedCommentsField
Village:Family Village/BallpitYou?ready600600Village:Family Village Playing Field
Village:Family Village/Bird of Prey Show and WorkshopFhpready500500Village:Family Village Playing Field
Alexander Field
Village:Family Village/Bouncy CastleFhpready300300Village:Family Village Playing Field
Village:Family Village/HammocksThomascovenantideaVillage:Family Village Playing Field
Village:Family Village/Inflatable Fun LandAnykeyready500500Village:Family Village Playing Field
Village:Family Village/Lego & DuploideaVillage:Family Village Playing Field
Village:Family Village/SandpitFhpwork startedVillage:Family Village Playing Field
Village:Family Village/Water/Sand playbox - Solar powered self containedAnykeyready0Village:Family Village Playing Field
Village:Family Village/board games - cardswork started100100Village:Family Village Playing Field

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