Village:Family Village/Water/Sand playbox - Solar powered self contained

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Family Village
Sand playbox - Solar powered self contained
Person Responsible User:Anykey
Status ready
Located at village Village:Family Village Playing Field
Age groups
  • 3-6 year
  • 6-9 year
  • 9-12 year
  • 12-16 year
Budget Required 0
Budget Granted None (yet)

TODO: Provide a brief description.


  • None.

Materials required

  • None

Materials arranged

  • I (user:Anykey) will bring the water/sand box. It is selfcontained. Water is circulated and uses solar power/battery for the pumps. Especially for SHA2017 I have added a powerful bubble blower machine (using eco and kid friendly bubble solution) and cool alarm light.. all controlled with big buttons.


  • Done, but will try to add more fun to it and more extensions for SHA2017, so more kids can play with it.
  • IDEAS Welcome!

Howto: Buildup

  • We will just put it anywhere that will look like a good spot


  • Will take back home :-)