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Speaker for the following 4 presentations

Stefan Kottwitz

Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Aug 4 - Aug 8

TeX at work

A network engineer talks about using LaTeX in his field of work.

Everything that's text based can be

  • generated (using macros or templates)
  • automated
  • processed (adding markup, hyperlinks, indexing).

TeX as mature macro expansion language is a natural choice for generating text based configurations. The speaker shows applying TeX in his specific work as a network engineer:

  • Programming Cisco switch configurations using TeX
  • IP / subnetting calculations with LuaTeX
  • Syntax highlighting for Cisco configs
  • Indexing and hyperlinking huge config files
  • Drawing network topology diagrams with TeX/TikZ instead of the common MS Visio
  • Team documentation: easy Markdown syntax for rapid writing, based on hidden underlying templates for compiling to corporate design appearance

Graphics with LaTeX

The author of the [LaTeX Cookbook] and of the [LaTeX Beginner's Guide] is a fan of graphics with LaTeX, especially with TikZ and pgfplots. So he will talk about using LaTeX and TikZ for

  • Creating smart diagrams
  • Easy flowcharts
  • Mindmaps, timelines, posters, pie charts, ...
  • Decorating, overprinting and annotating photos
  • Plotting functions in 2d and 3d
  • Electric circuits
  • Visual models for maths, physics, chemistry, biology, and other sciences
  • Landscapes and fractals in 2d and 3d
  • Fun drawings (not that above wasn't fun)

While we may race through modern TeX graphics, we can go into details on request.

TeX online: sites and communities

A StackOverflow/ TeX StackExchange moderator and maintainer talks about

  • Forums and Q&A sites
  • Community galleries
  • Community blogs
  • Tool sites

Visualizing mathematics

A member for more than 10 years with a strong focus on mathematics with LaTeX (can be seen on his [profile]) may make a presentation or at least give answers to any question related to maths with LaTeX.

Specifically, today there are great ways to produce math graphics, such as for

  • Commutative diagrams
  • Classic geometry
  • 2d plots
  • 3d surfaces
  • Polar and logarithmic plots
  • Topologic and algebraic topology drawings
  • Sets in the complex plane